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How Basic Fax Can Help You Work Remote During COVID-19

COVID-19 has shaken up life for everyone, especially business owners. Since the lockdown has begun, businesses Australia-wide have made enormous changes to their daily operations to keep employees and customers safe from the virus. But they haven’t done this alone.

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Since early 2020, business owners have turned to many pieces of software that keep business communication socially distanced: from Zoom to basic faxing. In this article, we’ll show you how web-based faxing has helped businesses like yours stay on track during COVID-19.

What are Web-Based Fax Services?

Before we explore how businesses are using web-based fax, let’s first define it. Web-based faxing, or ‘internet faxing’, is a tool businesses use to fax documents over the internet. Web-based faxing services have no fax lines, meaning you can use online faxing services to fax from any internet-connected device. That includes your tablet, computer or smartphone.

There are four ways to transmit a fax with an online faxing provider like eFax:

  1. Through the eFax portal in your web browser

  2. Through the eFax desktop app (available on Windows computers)

  3. Through your email

  4. Through the eFax mobile app (available on Android and iOS devices)

How Web-Based Fax Services are Helping Businesses During COVID-19

Although each online faxing system is slightly different, web-based faxing systems like eFax include various features that make them perfect for working in a pandemic. Let’s discuss those now.

#1. They Facilitate Remote Working

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, over 88% of Australians switched to remote work during the pandemic. If you were one of those businesses and you used web-based faxing, you’d have noticed that it is perfect for working remotely.

As web-based faxing services exclusively operate through computers, phones and tablets, they allow teams to communicate from anywhere and anytime. But that isn’t online faxing’s only remote-work benefit.

Web-based faxing services like eFax have PDF document converters and digital signature technology that help you process documents smarter. eFax also includes features like Tag and Search for locating faxes, an address book for tracking frequent contacts and email faxing for easy document transmission.

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#2. They Help Businesses Send Faxes Internationally

As web-based fax services are not bound by analog fax lines, they are perfect for faxing internationally. During COVID-19, border closures globally have restricted business travel. Naturally, many businesses turned to international faxing for document sharing – though international faxing offers other, less travel-restricted benefits, too.

For example, fax providers like eFax will give you a fax number from over 3,500 cities worldwide. That means that if you need to fax a one-page report to your Japan office, you can simply send your fax from a Japan-based number.

Additionally, international online faxing is cheaper than other forms of international document transmission. If you had sent your fax from Australia to Japan, it would have cost just $0.10 (local) or $0.41 (mobile) with eFax.

#3. They Save Money on Faxing

Unfortunately, a drop in revenue has meant that many businesses have needed to tighten their purse strings. Online faxing can help with that, too. While running a traditional fax machine can cost over a thousand dollars a year in machine costs, maintenance, paper, toner and fax line expenses, online faxing costs a fraction of that.

Online fax providers like eFax offer annual subscriptions that cost as little as $143.55 annually. That price includes everything you need for basic faxing, including a fax number.

#4. They Drive Digital Business Transformation in Customer Service

While our working habits are constantly evolving, COVID-19 has accelerated the digital transformation of businesses by an average of 2 – 6 years. This acceleration has majorly impacted the core of many companies: customer service.

The pandemic has turned customer service fully digital, with many businesses now adding chatbots, instant messaging and virtual voice assistants to their customer service team. However, these communication tools are lacking document transmission capacity.

That’s where online faxing comes in. As anyone can use online faxing, it is great for handling B2B and B2C customer service interactions that require document transmission – whether it’s processing purchase orders or handling returns.

Web-Based Fax Service: COVID Case Studies

It’s one thing to discuss the benefits of web-based faxing against COVID-19, but it’s another to apply it to real industries. Here’s how two industries used web-based faxing during COVID-19.

Medical Centers

According to research from last year, 79% of the digital communication in the medical industry is through faxing. Naturally, many medical centres use online faxing. During COVID-19, online faxing benefited medical centres by allowing them to process test results, patient data and referrals remotely.

This reduced face-to-face contact between staff members, removed the need for physical document filing and improved productivity during a time of intense pressure. Online faxing also sped up the communication process, as medical centres could transmit documents instantly without having to worry about their fax machine’s dreaded ‘busy line’ signal.

Real Estate

The real estate industry also benefited from document sharing via online faxing. Document sharing is an enormous part of real estate, as the average business handles contracts, mortgages, leases, licenses, deeds and offers every day.

During COVID-19, online faxing allowed agents and administration staff to work remotely without sacrificing their productivity. It also helped businesses transmit confidential documents securely, sign documents with digital signatures and store them securely in the cloud.

Need an Online Fax Service? Try eFax

If you’re looking for an online fax partner you can trust, look no further than eFax. eFax is a leading fax provider worldwide, with over 11 million happy customers in 46 countries.

eFax’s online faxing system is easy to use and full of features, including a PDF document converter, large file faxing up to 3GB, email faxing and digital signature technology. eFax is also NBN compatible and future-proof. As eFax’s faxing services are fully digital, they are fully compatible with the NBN and 5G networks – meaning no interruptions as you switch over. eFax is even an NBN business provider.

Want to try it for yourself? With an eFax free trial, you can test eFax’s system in your business. A free trial gives you a fax number, full access to eFax and up to 400 free faxes.

Start your 30-day free trial here or call 1800 283 361 to speak to a faxing expert.

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