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Why You Need a Business NBN Fax Provider

The NBN rollout now extends to 11.9 million homes and businesses nationwide: delivering high-speed internet that boosts Australia’s productivity and digital connectedness.

However, the NBN rollout has also permanently disconnected many Australian businesses from their fax machine, as the rollout detached old PSTN and ISDN fax lines. If that’s you, you’re in luck. eFax has just earned their NBN adviser accreditation, making eFax one of the first business NBN accredited fax providers qualified to help businesses like yours migrate to the NBN.

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This article will cover what a business NBN accredited fax provider is and why working with one will help your business succeed.

What is a Business NBN Accredited Fax Provider?

Commonwealth-owned enterprise NBN Co is responsible for managing the NBN rollout. As part of this rollout, NBN Co needs to bring millions of Australians onto the new network without interrupting their daily operations.

To assist in this, NBN Co is equipping technology providers with the tools and resources to help Australian businesses transition to the NBN. These providers are known as “Business NBN Accredited Advisors”.

There are two primary stages to becoming an advisor. First, a business must send an appropriate number of employees to NBN Co’s ICT Channel Program, which teaches people how to provide NBN services to customers.

Businesses must then apply to NBN Co for certification. A business must demonstrate that they have the following things to become certified:

  • The knowledge and skills for NBN migration

  • Demonstrated competence in giving customers NBN migration advice

  • A business structure that is stable

  • The appropriate number of certified NBN migration specialists on staff

The appropriate number of specialists is proportional to the size of the business, as outlined in the table below.

Number of employees in business

Number of ICT Channel Program advisors required for certification











The Role of an NBN accredited Provider

While there are over 1,000 accredited providers as of 2021, eFax is one of the first fax providers. With an NBN certification, eFax can help customers:

  • Determine which NBN wholesale options are best suited to their business

  • Create an NBN migration plan that minimises disruptions and risks

  • Connect their business to the NBN by working with NBN Co directly

Benefits of Working with a Business NBN Accredited Fax Provider

As a business NBN accredited fax provider, eFax has the tools to provide advice to customers that other service providers cannot. Certified providers have full access to a unique library of NBN-related resources, including instructional content, network design expertise, expert advice and continuous learning and development training.

But that’s not the only benefit. Working with a business NBN accredited fax provider will also help you:

#1. Transition Smoothly to the NBN

Transitioning to the NBN can be a confusing process for many businesses, as it requires a solid understanding of the network and the NBN migration process.

As an accredited NBN fax provider, eFax has experts on hand who can plan and execute a smooth migration seamlessly. This will save you time, a headache and help your business avoid common pitfalls and mystery post-migration connection problems.

#2. Minimise Network Interruptions during Transition

Network interruptions are one of the most common problems Australians have when connecting the NBN. Transitioning to the NBN requires technicians to work on your phone, fax and internet lines. This may land you with network interruptions that destroy your business’s productivity for hours, if not days.

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As an accredited NBN fax provider, eFax can help you plan out the fax transition process so that your fax service isn’t left offline when you transition to an NBN compatible faxing option (like online faxing).

#3. Choose the Best Option For You

If you aren’t an expert in telecommunications, choosing the right NBN solutions for your business can be a tad overwhelming. There are many options to choose from, each of which suits different customers.

As an accredited NBN fax provider, eFax can help you identify your businesses needs, analyse your potential options and choose the right option for your business. This will save you time and ensure you walk away with exactly what your business needs.

#4. Digitise your Business

Digitising your business doesn’t just make you future proof: it increases your productivity, profitability and efficiency today. As an accredited NBN fax provider, eFax can help your business choose digital solutions that will serve you well long term.

How to Migrate Your Fax Service to the NBN

As part of Australia’s NBN rollout, PSTN and ISDN fax lines are being disconnected nationwide. If your business previously faxed through the faxing network, you need to transition to the NBN if you want to keep faxing.

There are two ways you can fax through the NBN: through online faxing and by connecting your fax machine to the internet.

How to Set Up Online Fax

Step 1. Click here to sign up for online faxing.

Step 2. Enter your details.

Step 3. Activate your fax number and start faxing.

If you would like to fax through your old number, fill out the porting form here.

How to Bring Your Fax Machine Online

Step 1. Buy a telephone adapter and connect it to your fax machine. A telephone adapter will give your machine an IP address.

Step 2. Port your fax number to a telecommunications provider with fax services. You will receive a SIP/ VoIP account.

Step 3. Link your fax number to your new SIP/ VoIP account and start faxing.

Partner with Business NBN Accredited Fax Provider eFax

If you’re looking to partner with a business NBN accredited fax provider, look no further than eFax. With over 11 million customers in 46 countries, eFax is one of the world’s leading online fax providers.

Their online faxing system is NBN compatible and future proof. Rather than using outdated fax lines, eFax transmits your faxes via the internet. This is a game-changer, as you can now fax from your smartphone, tablet or computer without NBN network disruptions.

eFax knows transitioning to new technology can be daunting, so they’re offering Australian businesses a 30-day free trial to their faxing system. With a free trial, you’ll get a free fax number, up to 400 free faxes and full access to these great eFax features: unlimited cloud-based storage, fax through email, PDF converter, digital signatures and large file transfer.

Start a 30 Day Free Trial here, or call 1800 283 361 to speak to an eFax expert.

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