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NBN Faxing: Your Guide

As the new National Broadband Network (NBN) goes online across Australia, businesses nationwide are suddenly noticing that their fax service has been disconnected. Naturally, this leaves people scrambling to make their fax line work over the NBN.

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This article will explore how the NBN impacts faxing – showing you how to fax after your business has made the switch to the new network.

Does Faxing Work on The NBN?

As the NBN rolls out nationwide, our old analog phone and fax lines are being replaced with the new digital network. As traditional fax machines rely on an analog fax line (i.e. a PSTN or ISDN line), they are not fully compatible with the NBN.

Although connecting to the NBN means saying “goodbye” to your fax lines, there are still two ways to fax through the new network. That includes analog faxing with an adapter and online faxing.

#1. Analog Fax

Analog, or ‘traditional’ fax machines send and receive faxes through analog fax lines. These machines scan your fax, transmit it over the network and print it at the other end. As analog fax lines are being phased out with the NBN, analog fax machines need a telephone adapter to connect to the NBN..

#2. Online Fax

Unlike analog faxing, online faxing transmits faxes over the internet: using your computer, smartphone or tablet. When you send a fax online, it is encrypted and  transmitted through your online fax provider and delivered to your recipient. Online faxing is fully NBN compatible, as it does not rely on analog fax lines.

Online fax services are also multi-function, as a subscription with an online fax provider like eFax will get you the following features:

  • Digital signatures

  • Unlimited cloud-based storage

  • PDF converter

  • App for MS word

  • Multiple-recipient faxing

  • Fax preview

  • Fax template

  • Tag and Search

  • Customisable address book

  • Large file transfer (up to 3GB)

How To Connect Fax To NBN

Whether your business has switched to the NBN or not, it’s essential to know how to set up faxing through the new network. This section will guide you by connecting to the NBN network through analog and online fax services.

Analog Fax

While connecting an analog fax machine can be fiddly, most fax machines can connect to your NBN. If your machine is compatible, here’s how you can connect it:

Step 1. Give your fax machine an IP address by installing a telephone adapter. You can buy an adapter through most electronics or office-supply stores. Follow your telephone adapter’s instructions to configure the device. This will bring your fax machine onto your network, making it NBN compatible.

Step 2. Find a telecommunications provider that offers fax services. Port your number to their service. They will give you a SIP/ VoIP account.

Step 3. Link your SIP/ VoIP account to your fax number.

Step 4. Test your fax machine to ensure that it is properly connected.

Online Fax

If you are looking for a fast and simple way to send faxes, online faxing is your answer. Unlike analog faxing, online faxing is already NBN compatible, meaning you only need to set up an account to start faxing. To switch to online faxing, follow these instructions.

Set up online fax with a new number

Step 1. Click here to choose a new fax number.

Step 2. Enter your account details.

Step 3. Enter your address, select a payment method and activate your fax number.

Step 4. Start faxing!

Set up online fax with your existing NBN fax number

Step 1. Fill out this form to port your existing NBN number to eFax.

Step 2. Wait for customer service to get in contact with you.

Step 3. Activate your new fax service by completing the signup process.

Step 4. Start faxing!

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Common NBN Fax Line Issues

As traditional fax machines cannot run on the NBN without an adapter, many businesses experience problems with their fax line when switching to the new network. Below, we’ve covered five of the most common fax line problems and how to solve them.

Problem: My fax line disconnected when I switched to the NBN.

As fax machines are analog devices, they rely on the analog network (PTSN). The NBN is replacing this network, meaning that your fax lines were disconnected when your business switched. You can reconnect your fax service by following the instructions in the ‘How To Connect Fax To NBN’ section.

Problem: My fax machine won’t work, even after I tried connecting it to the NBN with a telephone adapter.

Unfortunately, some fax machines cannot connect to the NBN, as they are either not compatible or unable to operate with a telephone adapter. To solve this issue, try a different fax machine or switch to online faxing.

Problem: I want to try online faxing, but I don’t want to lose my fax number.

Online faxing providers like eFax can port your fax number to their service. To start the porting process, click here.

Problem:  Configuring my fax machine for the NBN is too expensive.

Analog NBN faxing is pricey, as it requires a fax machine, telephone adapter and fax line. If you want to save money, switch to online faxing – as it costs as little as $143.55 a year.

Problem: My analog fax machine works but is unreliable after switching to the NBN. Fax machines are built to fax over fax lines, meaning many fax machines simply do not operate as well through an adapter. You can fix this by replacing the machine or switching to online faxing.

Embrace NBN Faxing With eFax!

If you’re sick of a clunky, unreliable fax machine, give online faxing a go with eFax. eFax has been a leading fax provider for over twenty years and now serves over 11 million happy customers worldwide.

eFax is passionate about helping Australian businesses transition to the NBN smoothly. Their online faxing system is future proof and NBN compatible, making it perfect for business with big futures.

As eFax knows integrating a new technology into your business takes time, they’re offering a free trial to make the switch seamless. For 30 days, your free trial gives you up to 400 free faxes, as well as full access to eFax’s complete list of features and 24/7 customer support.

Try eFax for yourself by calling 1800 283 361, or click here to start your 30-day free trial.

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