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Cloud Storage: A Quick Guide For Business


Cloud Storage: A Quick Guide For Business

Like most business owners, you probably need to store documents and back up your digital information, but if you’re still using filing cabinets and external hard drives, then it’s time to consider the benefits of the cloud. Here’s a quick guide to cloud storage for business.

Efficient data storage

Cloud storage is efficient because there is literally no limit to how much data it can hold. Compare this to how much businesses in the past have had to constantly review and update their storage systems. This has involved everything from purchasing new portable drives to adding more space on the network. It’s also meant tying up your business’s IT department in creative ways to solve the storage problem, rather than dealing with other important operations.

With cloud storage, you are renting the space and this means scalability. It saves on costs because rather than your business being responsible for the functionality of the storage resource, it’s up to the provider. They have to ensure your data is backed up and secure. You can increase or decrease the amount of storage depending on your current business needs.

Archiving data

Cloud-based solutions offer the capacity to go back and review old data. This just doesn’t just apply to systems exclusively devoted to file capturing. For instance, online fax solutions such as eFax securely store all fax communication in the cloud, allowing easy access.

Offers security

Cloud storage is actually more secure than its physical counterparts. Consider how easily portable drives can be lost, stolen or damaged. Or equally how networks and hard drives can be broken into, attacked with a computer virus, or destroyed by floods or electrical fires. Cloud systems are not subjected to any of these physical problems. They are password protected and the best ones should be SSL encrypted at 128 bits. Think how easy it is for highly confidential documents to be left lying on a fax machine for anyone to see. Cloud-based systems lock up data using the rules you set.

Easily accessible

As long as you run regular back ups, you should be able to restore your data instantly in case of disaster. Back ups in the cloud can usually be set to run automatically according to the needs of your business.

Data is always current in the cloud, and can be accessed by a number of users at one time without placing pressure on the network.

Cloud storage gives your business wings

Cloud storage systems are extremely useful because they liberate your business from the normal restrictions of physical resources. They are agile and dynamic, and can be tailored to your business’s current needs. Finally, cloud storage is secure and the responsibility for maintaining it is taken off the business and given to the vendor. For all these reasons, online storage can be crucial to streamlining your business processes, saving time and resources.

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