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How To Have A Fax Number Without Having A Fax


How To Have A Fax Number Without Having A Fax

Most businesses have a fax number in their contact details. Yet we’re living in a digital age, where physical fax machines seem cumbersome, costly and also outdated. So, how to have a fax number without having a fax?

Meet the virtual fax

With online faxing from eFax, there’s no need to maintain a costly old school fax machine and go through reams of paper. Once you set up an account, you have a fax number, and you can send and receive faxes from anywhere around the globe.

You can receive and send faxes from any platform you choose, whether it be tablet, mobile or laptop. Use the eFax Mobile App on your smartphone or send using a web browser on your laptop. This presents a very convenient solution as you have 24/7 communication capability, and you’re not tied to a physical location.

Any customer who dials or sends faxes to your eFax number won’t experience any difference to a normal fax. You can receive their fax as a PDF or TIF.

The beauty of using an online account is that you can have multiple fax numbers and link them to any platform you like. This means you can have international and local fax numbers, and can also filter a fax number to a certain provider or client group.

The benefits of online faxing

Online fax enables you to operate in a paperless environment, which then saves resources. You aren’t paying out maintenance fees or other costs such as cartridges, toner or phone line rental. Nor are you impacted with the costs of sending long distance faxes as you’re operating through the internet.

Finally, your sending time is drastically reduced. You’re not held up by jammed phone lines or engaged numbers. Every fax goes through as quickly as an email.

A fax number without a machine brings rewards

There’s a clear value to having a fax number. It’s still an effective way of getting vital documents and contracts and files to multiple users and clients. Businesses need fax numbers yet the machines are like dinosaurs in an agile, digital age. So switching to an online fax solution resolves this problem.

Fax number without a fax machine

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