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Email to Fax Services

Leveraging the Power of an Email Fax Service

Email to Fax Services

Email is the primary communications tool used by businesses today. It is versatile, scalable and cost effective. It allows companies to communicate with customers, employees and the media. Email technology is continually changing to meet the needs of business communications. Modern email services are capable of scheduling meetings, archiving records and sending email fax messages.

Disseminating Information

Email technology was originally developed for the purpose of disseminating information within an organization. The ability to send digital messages has increased the efficiency and effectiveness of business communications. Now, most businesses use email to control the flow of information within and outside the company.

Think of all the ways that your business uses email to disseminate and control information. Internal memoranda, digital press releases and customer newsletters are only a few of the powerful ways that businesses use email to disseminate and control information.

Scheduling Meeting and Travel Arrangements

Outside of disseminating information, the most common use of email is coordinating meetings and travel arrangements. Small business owners and corporate executives use email as the primary means of coordinating schedules and planning meetings. Modern email clients include calendar functionality that makes it easy to setup meetings right form the inbox.
Email is also used as the primary tool for reserving airline tickets, hotel rooms and rental cars. Digital reservations can be requested and confirmed without having to call anyone. Most service providers offer online reservation placement with a required confirmation through email.

Records Management and Archiving

Many businesses use email systems to supplement records management and archiving. Instead of scanning existing documents into archiving servers, email systems are ported to these servers which then archive the attachments and information contained within. Employees do not have to spend hours archiving scanned copies of documents when email allows archiving as each document is created and transmitted.

File Sharing

While file sharing could be considered a form of disseminating information, there are unique features to file sharing that should be considered. File sharing is distributing an identical copy of documents to all participants prior to the meeting. Regardless of whether the meeting occurs across a conference table or via a conference call, everyone attending should have the same information. Even if the information has already been disseminated, file sharing ensures that everyone is on the same page when they arrive for the meeting.

Email is the most powerful communications tool available to businesses today. Companies can leverage that power by including email fax functionality with their existing communications services. eFax® technology gives businesses access to traditional fax features right from the email inbox. You can reserve your own fax number today and start leveraging the power of email with the eFax®.

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