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Top Apps and Online Services for Small Businesses


Top Apps and Online Services for Small Businesses

Small businesses by definition don’t have access to the resources – accountants, receptionists, specialist employees – that bigger companies take for granted. The ideal app for a small business would be one that handled tax, expenses, project management, phones and payroll all in one. While that doesn’t yet exist, there are a number of different apps and online services that can help small businesses get on with the business of growing.

To understand these solutions, we must first dive into the current fax problems for a better perspective.

Taking care of business – tax and accounts


Tax returns are one of the biggest hassles for small business. GST, PAYG, payroll tax, superannuation, FBT – the list goes on. But there are apps that help, one being the ATO’s own app, called simply ‘Australian Tax Office’.

Apart from allowing you to fill out your tax return, this free app links to the ABN search engine, calculates fuel tax credit entitlements, and determines employee status for tax purposes.

Claiming tax deductions from receipts can be a hassle, especially if you can’t find the shoe box you keep them in! With the Sage Point and Claim app, you take a photo of a receipt, then classify it according to set categories. When tax time comes, you can send the receipts straight to your tax agent.

For bookkeeping, you can try the Easy Books app, a full double entry accounting system that takes care of accounts due, invoicing and receipts. It’s recommended for small businesses, since it allows you to keep track of customer accounts even as you chat to them – on the same device! It can even calculate depreciation and reconcile bank and credit card accounts, with the capacity to export reports.

Keeping in touch – fax via online

Your tax and accounting chores may be under control, but the days of the fax machine are drawing to a close, thanks to online faxing that can operate from your desktop computer, laptop or smartphone.

With eFax’s massive inventory of fax numbers, you can receive and send a fax online or by email. The fax number has no dedicated phone line, it’s a virtual number that is used to link you to digital technology to send and receive faxes. It also utilises free cloud storage, so you can keep track of what’s been sent and where. eFax lets you send files that are far bigger than you could send through email and impossible to send in a fax machine.

Imagine being able to send a video or a large image file from your laptop without having to use a cumbersome program or clog up your email server. With eFax it’s as simple as sending a regular fax.

As technology allows you to control more aspects of your business from a single device, the days of the shoe boxes full of receipts, myriad paper bookkeeping documents, and the dedicated fax machine are over.

The best way to see if the features of an online service can replace your tired machine is to try one today. Test drive the best online fax features with eFax® to see the benefits for yourself.

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