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How to Fax Job Applications Without a Fax Machine


How to Fax Job Applications Without a Fax Machine

To be honest, you may think you don’t have a fax machine, but the likelihood is you do – you just don’t know it yet.

It’s all down to the smartphone – yes, the device that can do everything from monitor your heart rate to telling you where the cheapest petrol is has added another notch to its belt.

If you’re applying for jobs and don’t want to have to find a fax machine every time you’re asked for certificates of education or other legal docs, you can send them as faxes from your smartphone or from your computer.

First you need a dedicated phone number that will act as your virtual fax line. This is not an actual line – all your faxes will be sent online or via email.

And ‘faxes’ doesn’t mean you are confined to sending documents. You can send any files up to 1GB as a simple email attachment.

The fax machine in your pocket


Once you have your own online fax number, from eFax for example, you can start faxing from your computer by adding the recipient’s fax number to your contacts. If you want to fax from your phone, you will need the eFax Mobile App. With it, you can take a photo of a document then send it as a fax online to your future employer, and you don’t even need your laptop.

The advantage of this is that once you’ve got the documents in your phone, you can fax them from anywhere, at any time. Since employers may have hundreds of people to choose from, every hour you delay sending in the details they want could see your new job slipping away. But with eFax, as long as you have your phone, you have all the information anyone could need in your pocket.

Video applications

Many employers, especially in the hospitality or entertainment industries, like to see you in the flesh. It’s a way for them to judge whether you look the part, and it’s a way for you to impress with your personality.

With virtual fax services, you can video yourself and send that file (up to 1GB) as an internet fax. Try doing that with your email server!

You can send your job applications from your laptop or smartphone by teaming up with an online fax service from eFax. By streamlining your application process, you can apply for more jobs, more frequently and hopefully with more success!

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