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Why Online Faxing is Superior to the Office Fax Machine

A fax machine is a printer-like device that transmits messages via radio broadcasting or phone lines. Traditional fax machines take faxes, encode their contents and send the data to receiving fax machines, which then print the fax on printer paper.

Since its initial invention, faxing technology has changed dramatically, with millions of people now embracing online faxing globally.

The History of the Fax Machine?

The first fax machine was invented by Scottish inventor Alexander Bain, who was granted a British patient for his machine in 1843. Over the next century-and-a-half, the technology behind fax machines was perfected by inventors like Dr Arthur Korn, Édouard Belin and Alexander Muirhead.

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This resulted in the fax machines we have today, which are capable of transmitting photographs, drawings and text-based messages internationally.

Why do Fax Machines Still Exist?

While communication technology has greatly developed since the 2000s, there are still around 43 million fax machines in operation globally. Over 1 billion faxes are sent with eFax each month – showing that faxing is hardly slowing down.

Fax machines are still used for many reasons, as they:

  • Allow businesses to send large files quickly

  • Can send documents internationally

  • Are a familiar piece of technology for many people

  • Can speed up the process of distributing

  • Can transmit hand-written documents quickly, as opposed to scanning a document, and emailing it

Fax machines are also widely used in organisations where document security is extremely important, including doctors offices, pharmacies and hospitals.

Online Fax Vs. Fax Machine

Faxing is an important communication tool for many organisations, which is why fax alternatives like online faxing are growing in popularity. Online fax allows businesses to send and receive faxes via the internet – eliminating the need for a clunky office fax machine.

Although fax machines were an essential part of businesses in the 20th century, traditional fax machines aren’t without their problems. In comparison to online faxing, traditional fax machines are:

Expensive and Unproductive

A single fax machine can only handle one fax at once, meaning that organizations who fax high volumes of faxes need multiple machines. This is expensive and unproductive when compared to online faxing services.

Prone to Errors

Traditional fax machines require ink, paper and toner to print faxes, making them prone to printing errors, ink disasters and paper jams that kill office productivity. Fax machines are also prone to the dreaded ‘busy’ signal.

Easy to Steal From

Traditional fax machines reprint faxes like a printer, this means faxes can be intercepted by anyone in proximity to the machine.

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Why You Should Ditch your Fax Machine for eFax

Online faxing is possible through third-party fax providers like eFax, who help Australian businesses fax through specialised faxing software.

eFax has been a leading fax provider since 1997. Today, eFax serves 11 million happy customers worldwide and transmits over 1 billion fax pages every month. There are many benefits to switching to eFax, as:

#1. eFax is Cheaper

Faxing with eFax is significantly cheaper than traditional faxing. To operate a single fax machine, businesses need to pay for the machine, phone line rental, paper, toner, electricity and machine maintenance  – while switching to eFax will cost you as little as $143.55 per year.

#2. eFax Helps you Fax Remotely

eFax helps businesses like yours send faxes from anywhere, at any time. Through eFax’s online faxing system, businesses can send faxes in four ways, including through:

  • The eFax website

  • eFax’s mobile apps (available on Android and iOS devices)

  • Email

  • eFax’s desktop apps (available on Apple and Windows computers)

Documents sent through eFax can also be signed with digital signatures, removing the need to print, sign and scan documents. With eFax’s Electronic Signature feature, you can save your signature and apply it to documents, or sign documents directly through the eFax mobile app.

As eFax allows businesses to fax through phones, tablets and computers, businesses have the flexibility to fax from the office and beyond.

#3. eFax Makes Faxing Smarter

As eFax is passionate about supporting Australian businesses, eFax customers have unlimited access to features that make faxing smart.

eFax’s online faxing solution can handle large files of up to 3GB – letting you fax high-quality images, presentations and videos quickly. eFax also lets you fax up to ten documents simultaneously, which is a game-changer for faxing multi-page documents.

With eFax’s in-built PDF Converter, businesses can turn fax files into PDF documents in seconds. This multi-function tool also works the other way around, as it can turn files into TIFF and JPEG files. eFax is also compatible with MS Word and allows customers to fax documents directly from the application.

Finally, eFax puts the ‘smart’ in ‘smartphone’, with its Voicemail to Email technology. This tool takes any voicemails sent to your fax number and emails them to you as GSM, WAV or AU files.

#4. eFax is NBN-Ready

eFax is an NBN-ready fax provider. While many businesses lose their fax connection when switching to the NBN, eFax customers fax through an NBN-compatible service. This makes your transition to the new network seamless, as your fax service won’t be interrupted while you transition to the NBN.

#5. eFax Stores your Faxes

While faxes sent on traditional machines must be filed manually, faxes sent through eFax are automatically saved with cloud-based storage. eFax collates your faxes in a central location, allowing you to tag important faxes, search for faxes and retrieve faxes from any device.

eFax’s cloud-based storage lasts a lifetime, keeping your faxes safe forever.

Ditch your Fax Machine for a Free Online Faxing Trial

As eFax understands many businesses want to test out online faxing before integrating it into their daily business processes, eFax is offering a free 30-day trial.

With an eFax free trial, you will have unlimited access to all eFax features and apps, as well as eFax’s dedicated 24/7 customer support team. A free trial also allows you to fax up to 400 times, including sending 200 faxes and receiving 200 faxes. Free trials can be set up with a new NBN faxing number, or your existing NBN faxing number.

eFax free trials have no hidden fees, no obligations and can be cancelled at any time.

To start your free trial today, sign-up here or call 1800 283 361.

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