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How to Send a Fax Via Email and Boost Efficiency


How to Send a Fax Via Email and Boost Efficiency

Just think how much more productive your employees could be if they ditched the old fax machine and embraced the world of virtual faxing.

These days it’s as easy as pressing a few buttons to send a fax by email, share large files and high-resolution images, and store unlimited data and documents on the cloud for instant retrieval.

You don’t have to imagine how online faxing can streamline your business operations, because now it’s a reality. Your staff just have to compose an email, attach a file and send – that’s pretty much it.

So here’s how to send a fax via email


  1. Open a new email message, type the fax number followed by into the ‘To’ field.
  2. Attach your fax document and type a message, which eFax will turn into a cover sheet.
  3. Hit ‘send’. Your recipient will receive your document and cover letter just as they would a normal fax.

Create your fax in advance with fax-to-email software

You require an internet connection to send an online fax. But you can create your fax in advance, without a connection, if you are using email software rather than an internet fax. The email will be stored in your outbox until the computer or digital device connects to the internet again, at which point all you have to do is upload the attachments and send the email. You will automatically receive a send confirmation email.

Unclog your inbox

Virtual fax allows you to send high-volume faxes quickly and smoothly via email, bypassing the tedious process of trying to send larger files, high-resolution images and videos by traditional email. Using an online system like eFax helps you avoid having to break large files down into small pieces in order to send, having sent emails bounce back, or resorting to snail mail or costly courier to get that urgent presentation, certificate or contract there on time.

Send a fax using free email services

Virtual fax systems allow you to fax via free and popular email services like Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail. No matter what your email service is, you can send and receive faxes with your email account.

Most free email accounts are cloud-based, meaning there are no updates to download and install. Web-based email services also scan your incoming messages for viruses before you read them and allow secure storage of old emails. So you can combine these benefits with the convenience of using fax-to-email.

Using eFax, you simply address the message to the recipient’s fax number – adding – rather than to the recipient’s email address. Inbound and outbound attachments can be one of many different file types including PDF, Adobe Acrobat Reader, TIFF, multi-page images, EFX or eFax Messenger software files.

Check out fax-to-email functionality
  • Send and receive faxes from a range of laptop, desktop and handheld digital devices.
  • Share critical business files and documents while moving between office, airport and hotel.
  • Communicate with several different types of fax servers at the same time.
  • Eliminate many of the operational fax machine costs – for maintenance, paper, printer cartridges and unexpected breakdown.
  • Allow any employee to send fax by email without having to be trained in use of the large, complicated, traditional office fax machine.

See how easy it is to send a fax via email? Try eFax trial and experience the increase in productivity for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

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