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Which Fax Software Option Should You Choose? 2022 Guide

fax software 2022 (source)
fax software 2022 (source)

Online faxing is a big deal in today’s digital landscape. Research into 200 large businesses shows that 82% of employees fax the same amount or more they did previously. Roughly 89% of IT professionals still use faxes, and people send over 17 billion faxes every year. 

There are many good reasons online faxing is so popular. Online faxing is cheaper, more cyber secure and easier than traditional faxing. 

But though switching to online faxing is a great move for your business, selecting the right fax software can be tricky. We can help. This guide will review all the best fax software options in 2022 and walk you through the process of choosing the right one for you. 

Why People Are Switching To Online Faxing 

We touched on the fact that businesses are starting to send and receive faxes online in large numbers. But why? 

Online faxing is:

  • Cheaper, as it costs $1,259.76 annually to run the average fax machine, while online faxing plans with providers like eFax start from $169.50 a year. 
  • More cyber secure, as online faxing providers encrypt your faxes and transmit them through protected servers. 
  • More private, as anyone can steal a fax from an office fax machine or phone line, but you need access to someone’s online faxing account to steal a digital fax. 
  • Better for the environment, as it doesn’t require paper or ink cartridges (which take an estimated 450 — 1,000 years to break down). 
  • More compatible with remote work, as you only need a device and an internet connection to send a fax. 
  • More efficient, as you can transmit multiple faxes simultaneously with online faxing. Additionally, you don’t need to waste time printing, filing and sorting digital faxes. 

Online faxing is especially prevalent in law firms, healthcare organisations, financial services businesses, manufacturing businesses, travel agents and tech-focused companies. 

How To Choose An Online Fax Provider

You need an online fax provider to help you fax via the internet, just like you need a telecommunications company to fax through a fax machine. Your online fax provider transmits your faxes to recipients, collects faxes for you and stores your faxes in the cloud. 

Naturally, choosing a good provider is key in making your online faxing process as efficient as possible. 

Here’s how to find the right provider for you:

Step 1. Decide What Faxing Features You Want 

Though all online fax services offer a slightly different experience, many features are standard across the online faxing industry. Some of the most common (and valuable!) faxing features include:

  • Mobile faxing apps available on iOS and Android devices 
  • Integrations with popular apps like Microsoft Word
  • Email faxing (which allows you to send faxes through your email inbox)
  • Large file transfer 
  • Faxing for multiple file types (including PDF, JPEG, PNG, MP3 and MOV files)
  • Desktop faxing apps for Mac, Linux and Windows operating systems
  • Electronic or digital signatures so you can sign a fax without printing it 
  • Send storage (which saves a copy of the faxes you send)
  • Cloud-based storage 
  • File converting software (so you can change your fax document’s file type easily)
  • A web-based portal accessible in popular browsers like Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Safari 
  • International faxing 
  • The option to fax through multiple fax numbers and email addresses 
  • Templates 
  • Fax preview 
  • Digital file sorting tools (including digital tags and folders)
  • An address book 

Before looking into potential fax software options, go through the list above and note any features you will need. This will help you narrow down your faxing options later, as well as ensure you select a tool that will serve your business long-term. 

Step 2. Set Your Budget 

Next, determine how much you can afford to spend on online faxing. Your budget will depend on how many faxes you need to send, whether you need to fax domestically or internationally and how important faxing is to your business. 

Most online faxing providers use one of two pricing models:

  1. Subscription-based pricing. If you select a provider with this pricing model, you will pay a monthly, quarterly or yearly fee for access to online faxing. You will get a set number of faxes you can send and receive every month, and every extra page will cost you a small fee. 
  2. Pay-per-page pricing. This one is relatively straightforward — you pay for each page you send. 

Be aware that some providers also charge additional fees for setting up a faxing account, porting your number to their service or cancelling your plan. International faxes may also cost you extra, depending on where you need to fax. 

There is no “average” cost of online faxing. But, to give you a reference point, here’s the plans eFax offers:

Plan Name Monthly Fax Page Limit Monthly Price Yearly Price Setup Fees?
eFax Plus 300 fax pages $14.13  $169.50 (2 months free) No
eFax Pro 400 fax pages $14.21 $170.55 (3 months free) No
eFax Premium 600 fax pages $17.96 $215.55 (3 months free) No

Step 3. Compare Options

Once you know your features and budget, start comparing options. We have reviewed six potential options in the “Online Fax Software Options For 2022” section to help you with this step. 

Step 4. Test Your Preferred Option With A Free Trial

Before you pay for access to faxing software, test how well the software works for your business by starting a free trial. Make sure you check that:

  • The software works on all your devices (including mobile devices)
  • Your staff can use the software comfortably 
  • The software transmits your faxes quickly (for reference, eFax transmits 90% of faxes in 60 seconds or less
  • The cloud storage system works for your business 
  • The fax provider’s customer service team can resolve any significant issues 

Step 5. Integrate Your New Faxing System Into Your Business

Finally, integrate your fax software into your business by porting your old fax number to your online fax provider, training staff to use your fax system and updating your business processes to include online faxing. 

Here are a few materials to help you with this process:

Online Fax Software Options For 2022

Though there are dozens of mobile and desktop apps for faxing in 2022, they are not equal in value for money, quality and usability. To conclude this article, we’ll review six fax software options by their features and price.


Owned by J2 Global Cloud Services, eFax is a leading fax provider that serves over 11 million customers worldwide. eFax transmits over 1 billion fax pages monthly and works with 50% of Fortune 500 companies. 


  • Desktop and mobile apps 
  • Digital signatures
  • Email faxing
  • Cloud storage
  • PDF converter
  • Microsoft Word app
  • Tag and Search
  • Large file transfer
  • Address book


eFax’s faxing plans start from $14.13 a month or $169.50 a year. eFax doesn’t charge setup fees and includes a free fax number with each subscription. eFax’s international fax rates start from $0.10 per page. 


  • NBN-compatible 
  • You can fax from mobile, tablet or desktop
  • You can send faxes from up to five email addresses on eFax Plus and eFax Pro plans
  • You can test eFax with a 30-day free trial 
  • Transparent pricing 
  • Integrates with Dropbox and Google Drive


  • eFax doesn’t currently have a desktop app for Mac (though you can still use the eFax Portal)


RingCentral Fax

RingCentral (NYSE: RNG) is a publicly-traded communications company that offers an online faxing service alongside its Message Video Phone (MVP) platform. 


  • Email faxing
  • Mobile app
  • Cloud-based storage 
  • SMS notifications 


RingCentral’s faxing software starts from $22.99 per user per month. You can also get access to RingCentral’s faxing software by purchasing a $49.99 a month plan to RingCentral MVP. 


  • Integrates with Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and Microsoft Outlook
  • Easy to use interface 
  • Supports many fax files 


  • Expensive for people who need to send less than 1,500 faxes monthly
  • Only one user can use each plan 


Windows Fax and Scan

Windows Fax and Scan is a free faxing tool that works with your traditional fax machine. Windows Fax and Scan is not a faxing provider but a tool to bring your fax machine online.


  • Address book
  • Scanner
  • Custom cover pages 
  • Custom formatting


Windows Fax and Scan is free and pre-installed on computers with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11 and Vista operating systems. You need to purchase an offline fax service to use it. 


  • A good option for people who want to send a fax via their PC without switching their fax service 


  • Few features
  • Requires offline fax connection
  • Tricky to set up 
  • Only works on desktop



Run by Swiss company Olohi, Fax.Plus is a faxing tool suitable for multinational enterprises, healthcare providers and large businesses. Fax.Plus describes itself as a “Fax over IP (FoIP)” tool. 


  • HIPAA compliant 
  • Mobile app 
  • Email faxing 
  • Digital signatures 


Fax.Plus offers a free plan with ten fax pages per month (but you can only send faxes with it). Fax.Plus’s paid plans start from $4.99. 


  • Uses Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Integrates with Microsoft, Slack, Zapier and Google Workspace
  • Easy to use 
  • Stores faxes with 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)


  • Better suited to larger businesses than smaller ones 
  • Some security features (like SSO) are only included in Fax.Plus’s Enterprise plan



Owned by J2 Global Cloud Services, MyFax is a popular faxing option used by people worldwide. 


  • Mobile app 
  • Email faxing
  • Address book
  • Toll-free fax numbers 
  • Cloud-based storage 
  • Tag-based storage system 


MyFax plans start from $20 a month and include a free fax number. Extra pages with MyFax start from $0.15 a page. 


  • You can send a fax to up to 50 people simultaneously 
  • You can fax from up to five email addresses 


  • MyFax is predominantly designed for email and mobile faxing
  • MyFax is more expensive than other options 



CocoFax is a HIPAA, GDPR and PHIPA compliant faxing solution used by over 200,000 people in 180 countries. 


  • Email faxing 
  • Fax archiving 
  • Mobile app 
  • Group faxing 


CocoFax plans start from $7.99 a month and include a free fax number. 


  • Integrates with Google and Microsoft 
  • Email faxing works with Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail 
  • Protects faxes with Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), Transport Layer Security (TLS) and AES 256 encryption 


  • CocoFax doesn’t have as many productivity features as other providers 

Which Online Faxing Option Do We Recommend?

After reviewing six potential fax software options, we recommend eFax. eFax is excellent value for money, future-friendly, NBN-compatible and full of features that make faxing with eFax fast and efficient. 

If you’d like to try eFax for yourself, start a 30-day free trial here or call 1800 283 361.

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