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How To Fax From Android Phones: A Guide For Businesses

fax for android phones (source)

fax for android phones (source)

While it may seem like iPhones are everywhere, did you know that 41.64% of Australia’s mobile users have an Android device? 

If you’re one of those people, you’ve probably seen comprehensive business guides to emailing, instant messaging and working from your phone. But have you read a guide on online faxing? 

That’s what this article is all about. 

Read on, and we will cover everything you need to know to fax from Android devices, including how Android faxing works, how to send and receive faxes and which Android apps can help you fax. 

Can I Scan Documents And Fax From My Android? 

Though you may associate faxing with the office fax machine, anyone can send a fax from their Android phone or tablet with online faxing

Online faxing (sometimes called “web faxing”, “efaxing” or “internet faxing”) allows you to transmit faxes over the internet. It works like this: you sign up with an online faxing provider like eFax, create an internet fax and click “send.” Then, your faxing provider encrypts your fax and transmits it to your recipient through protected servers. 

There are many advantages to online faxing, as it’s cheaper, more efficient, more environmentally friendly and more cyber secure than traditional faxing. 

How Fax Numbers Work On Android 

Businesses looking to switch to online faxing usually have one primary concern that stops them from pulling the cord on the old fax machine: changing their faxing number. 

You don’t need to change your fax number to switch to online faxing. Instead, most online faxing services allow you to port your number to them. If you’d like to port your number to eFax, click here.

Online fax numbers and offline fax numbers work the same way. They include:

  • A country code (Australia’s is “61”)
  • An area code (Sydney’s is “3”)
  • A local number (these are usually 6 — 10 digits long)

Ways To Send Faxes On Android 

There are three primary ways to send a fax from an Android device:

#1. Email

Many providers (including eFax) will connect the email you used to sign up for online faxing to your faxing account. This connection allows you to send a fax via your email apps. 

#2. Android Fax App

Some faxing providers offer paid and free fax apps. A fax app is the best option for new fax users or those who want to edit, sign or print faxes on mobile.

We will review three of these mobile apps in the “Android Fax Options For 2022” section. 

#3. Web Browser 

Depending on your provider, you may be able to log into your faxing service from your web browser. This method is okay in a pinch but less efficient than using email or a mobile app. 

Android Faxing Features

Android faxing allows you to enhance your faxing experience through several productivity features. These include:

  • Digital signature technology, which allows you to sign a fax without needing to print it. You can also save or edit your signature.
  • Large file transfer, which allows you to send files up to 3 GB 
  • A PDF converter, which allows you to change your fax document’s file type
  • Cloud storage, which saves the faxes you send and receive on an external server. Cloud storage allows you to fax without worrying about filling your phone’s storage. 
  • Fax templates, which help you create fax documents without worrying about formatting 
  • Multiple-recipient faxing, which allows you to include multiple recipients in a single fax 
  • An address book, which remembers people’s fax numbers for you

How To Send And Receive Faxes On Android Step-By-Step

Aside from an Android device, you will need two things to send and receive a fax on mobile. That includes a connection to the internet and a subscription to a faxing service. 

Once you have both, follow the steps below to fax.

Send A Fax

Step 1. Open your faxing-compatible email or your mobile app and sign in.

Step 2. Click “new fax” or “compose.”

Step 3. Click the “to” bar and type your recipient’s fax number. You must include their entire fax number, including the country and area code. Alternatively, click the address book and select your recipient. 

Step 4. Select the subject line and cover page and fill them in. 

Step 5. Press “attach.” You can attach up to 10 fax files at once. 

Step 6. Once your faxes have loaded, press “send.” If your faxing service offers “send save,” your provider will automatically save your fax into your “sent” folder. 

A Word On Email Faxing 

Though email faxing is very similar to regular faxing, there are two small changes you need to make. 

First, you must add “” to the fax number (for example, “[email protected]“). 

Second, you need to add anything you want to include on the cover page of your fax to the body of your email. Your faxing provider will convert this into a cover page. 

Receive A Fax

Receiving faxes online is very similar to receiving an email. 

To find your faxes, open the eFax app or your email inbox. If you use eFax, they will come from the email address “[email protected]” and have the subject line “Fax Received From (Fax Sender’s Number).”

You don’t need to print a fax to save it. Instead, your faxing provider will store your fax in cloud storage automatically. 

Forward A Fax

Step 1. Open the fax you want to forward. 

Step 2. Click “forward.” 

Step 3. Click the “to” bar and type your recipient’s fax number. 

Step 4. Press “forward” or “send.” 

Resources To Help You Fax

Before we move on to the next section, we just wanted to share a few resources to help you fax better. 

If you need to send a fax internationally, read: “Sending a Fax Internationally Online To USA, UK, EU and More.” Or, if you want to learn about business faxing in a post-NBN Australia, read: “NBN Faxing: Your Guide.” 

Alternative Ways To Send Documents On Android

Faxing isn’t the only way to share documents on an Android device. You can also use:

#1. Email

Email is a good option for people that need to send small, text-heavy files from their mobile devices. However, many email providers (including Gmail and Yahoo) limit the files you can send via email to 25 MB. This size limit makes sending, receiving and forwarding long documents, video files and audio files over email difficult. 

It’s also worth noting that email is prone to cybersecurity vulnerabilities like phishing. 

#2. Google Drive

Google Drive isn’t a document transmission tool exactly, but it does allow you to store files in the cloud. You can access these files through the Google Drive Android App

To share a file with someone else, select “share” and type the email address of the document receiver. You can grant people access to view, comment on or edit your file. 

#3. Chat Apps

Finally, chat apps like Slack, Discord, WhatsApp, Telegram and Skype allow you to share files as an instant message. Sharing small files through these apps can work well, but most apps have a file size limit that depends on your plan. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Android Faxing 

As online faxing is a fairly new technology, many new users ask similar questions. Five of these questions are: 

  • What’s The Best Free Fax App? 

The best free faxing app is the eFax (Official Fax App). The eFax app has an inbuilt digital signature tool, an address book and a robust storage system. It’s also fast, cyber secure and integrates with your eFax account in real-time. Sign up for a 30-day free trial to use eFax for free. 

  • Can You Fax From Gmail?

Google doesn’t currently offer a faxing service, but you can fax through Gmail if you sign up for eFax with a Gmail account. eFax will automatically connect to your Gmail account, and you can fax through email using the instructions in the “Send a Fax” section. 

  • Can I Connect My Fax Machine To My Cell Phone? 

Unfortunately, you cannot connect an analog fax machine to your cell phone. As your fax machine uses fax lines and your cell phone uses the digital network, the two devices cannot share data. If you need to access a fax on your phone, simply fax it to your online fax service. 

  • What Does Android Faxing Cost?

Every faxing provider uses its own fee system, but eFax offers three faxing plans suitable for small businesses:

  • eFax Plus, which provides up to 300 fax pages monthly at $14.13 a month or $169.50 a year
  • eFax Pro, which provides up to 400 fax pages monthly at $14.21 a month or $170.55 a year
  • eFax Premium, which provides up to 600 fax pages monthly at $17.96 a month or $215.55 a year


  • Can You Fax Files From Google Drive And Dropbox?

Yes, eFax integrates with DropBox, Google Drive, Box and iCloud. To fax files from one of these services, follow the instructions in the “Send a Fax” section and select the file from the cloud storage provider’s folder when prompted. 

Android Fax App Options For 2022

If you’ve read this far,  you’re ready to select a fax app. Though there are many fax apps to choose from, three of the most popular include: 

#1. Easy Fax 

Easy Fax allows you to send images and PDFs via your phone. It integrates with OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox and Evernote. Easy Fax has an inbuilt camera to scan files, but you can also send files from your gallery. 

Easy Fax costs $0.25 — $0.50 per fax page.

#2. FaxFile

FaxFile lets you send PNG, JPEG, DOC and PDF files. FaxFile is a reasonably basic service, but it works for small files. It takes around 3 minutes to send each page via FaxFile. 

FaxFile uses a credit-based pricing model. It costs $2.49 for 50 credits, $10 for 250 credits, $19.99 for 600 credits and $49.99 for 2000 credits. 

#3. eFax

Founded in 1997, eFax is one of the world’s best online fax providers. eFax currently has over 11 million customers worldwide. eFax transmits 1 billion fax pages monthly, works with 50% of Fortune 500 companies and boasts a 98% customer satisfaction rating on Feefo. 

eFax works with many file types and transmits 90% of faxes in a minute or less.  

eFax is NBN compatible, future-proof and full of features for small businesses.

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