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Fax to Email

How to send a fax to email

Fax to Email

Fax to email is an effective way to reach potential customers. You will want to send them a package of information. A voicemail or a message with a gatekeeper just won’t do. You have a better chance of reaching your prospect if you approach them across multiple mediums.

A coordinated, multi-media approach includes:

  • Fax
  • Email
  • Social media
  • Direct mail

The idea is not to harass your prospect by simultaneously bombarding her or him with the same message across all mediums, but to have a layered approach. Begin by learning all you can about your prospect. Follow them on social media and read everything you can about them, but don’t make your initial response through social media, as this is very rarely effective. Start with the telephone, and offer to fax information over.

If you’re unable to reach anyone by phone, go ahead and send a fax, and use the cover letter as an introduction. Your cover page should briefly describe your purpose. Most often the fax machine is attended by an assistant or administrative worker. They are your likely audience for this short introduction. You’ll run across these “gatekeepers” at every turn of your business journey; spend some time crafting a message that pique’s their interest. You want them to have the motivation to deliver the fax to their boss.

Fax to Email is One Tool in Reaching Prospects

After a fax, then you can follow up with email or reach out through one of your networks. Getting something tangible (that looks great) into your prospect’s hands just opens doors. It establishes a certain creditability that is hard to get across without meeting face to face. Most decision makers have fax machines. It’s immediate, and it has the advantage of putting a tangible product directly in your prospect’s hands. Some things to consider when preparing a fax that will get noticed:

  • Provide value. Giving your prospect valuable, relevant and interesting information will get you off to a great start. Put it at the beginning to grab their eye.
  • Format your information in a way that’s easy to scan. Clear, concise writing is a must, and using sub-headers, lists, paragraph breaks and simple fonts will help.
  • Limit yourself to two pages: A cover page and a brief presentation.
  • Skip the graphics and pictures. They waste ink, annoy everyone in the office by unnecessarily protracting the fax process, and it looks horrible.

Include contact information. Counting on a prospect to hunt down your contact information is not a great idea. Include information on how to reach you by phone, email and any other contact point, so your prospect can reach out to you in a way that they feel most comfortable with.

You can follow up with a more extensive package via email or direct mail if you’ve gotten your prospect’s attention, but your fax should be a more condensed version. Don’t try to use gimmicks or be clever: state your purpose clearly and briefly. This will demonstrate that you respect your prospect’s time as well as qualifying your prospect as someone who is able to do business.

It’s quick, easy, and inexpensive to fax directly from your computer, so for b2b salespeople or mobile workers, having this capability is an absolute must-have. You can see how powerful fax to email is for your business by trying eFax® today.

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