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Send Online Faxes and Use Unlimited Online Storage

online faxing storage

Send Online Faxes and Use Unlimited Online Storage

Unlimited online storage or cloud services for faxing services have become essential in the digital world. Unlimited storage software can also make sending a fax to your email easier, too. The task of sorting and maintaining the number of faxes that come to your business on a daily basis can be daunting. If you regularly send faxes to email online, you’ll want to make sure you have an unlimited online storage plan to organize and backup each fax.

Some examples of questions to ask yourself when considering an unlimited online storage plan for online faxing, include:

  1. Are my sent and received faxes saved forever? Any unlimited online storage system should guarantee that your faxes, both sent and received, will be stored in your data system forever. This feature seems obvious, but is a technological advantage over our competitors who haven’t embraced unlimited storage. Having an unlimited online storage system organizes all your files for you and cuts down on significant man hours when searching for past faxes.
  2. Does it automatically save sent faxes for you? Automatic saving features are crucial for businesses that use online faxing. If your IT system is ever having challenges, you want to be assured you haven’t lost any faxes sent or received.
  3. Can it handle large files? Your unlimited online storage system should guarantee capabilities to send and receive large files without any hiccups. Businesses turn to online faxing to avoid the hassle of maintaining large fax documents, so your unlimited online storage system should first and foremost make that task easier for you.
  4. What features does it have? When considering online storage with a fax service make sure to check if the software can automatically backup your faxes, recover deleted faxes and is easy to navigate. If you are constantly on the go check to see if you can access your sent and received faxes through the storage software on mobile devices.
  5. Is it easy to use? Businesses move to online faxing services to make the arduous task of organizing faxes digital, so your unlimited online storage program shouldn’t make that task harder.

For more information on sending online faxes, sign up eFax today.

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