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How to improve your customer experience with online fax

Providing a good customer experience is an essential part of doing business. Unfortunately, delivering a good customer experience can be tricky, making it vital to embrace digital tools like online faxing. In this article, we’ll show you how online faxing can improve your customer experience.

What is customer experience?

Customer experience, often shortened to ‘CX’, is the subjective experience each customer has as they interact with your brand, company and product. Customer experience is impacted by every interaction customers share with you and includes their experience of your:

  • Advertising
  • Post-sales process
  • Pre-sales processes
  • Payment systems
  • Sales counselling
  • Refund and return processes


Someone’s customer experience continues after they make a purchase, as their perception of their journey as a customer is influenced by your product, your actions and how others interact with you – including within the media.

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Good and bad customer experiences

There are many benefits to providing a good customer experience. Customers who have a good experience with you may make repeat purchases, leave a positive review of your business and refer you to other potential customers.

However, customers with a bad experience may damage your business long term, as they can:

  • Damage your brand’s reputation
  • Cost you profits
  • Lose you on-going business with customers they know
  • Earn you negative reviews
  • Turn away potential customers


You can find out if you have a positive or negative customer experience by checking your net promoter score. A net promoter score is a percentage representation of your average customer experience.

You can calculate your net promoter score by asking customers: “how likely are you to recommend us to someone else, on a scale of 0 – 10”. These scores are then categorised into detractors (scores 0 – 6), passives (scores 7 – 8) and promoters (scores 9 -10). The more promoters you have, the better your average customer experience is.

Customer experience vs. customer service vs. customer care

While customer experience, customer service and customer care may sound like synonyms, they have distinct meanings in business.

Customer service refers to the support a customer receives from your service team members in-store, over-the-phone and online.

Customer care refers to how well customers are treated by your business as a whole.

Customer experience encompasses both customer service and customer care; and refers to the perception customers develop during every interaction with your business.

How to improve digital customer experience with online faxing

There are many ways to improve your customer experience, including embracing digital processes like online faxing. Online faxing allows your customers to send and receive documents without a physical fax machine, making it a more flexible mode of communication.

Naturally, online faxing improves your customer experience in several ways. This includes:

Increasing your response times

Including online fax in your interactions with customers, decreases the amount of time you spend sorting through piles of paperwork. This increases the speed of your responses, as all the documents you need are stored in a central location: your computer.

Research from 2020 shows that 88% of customers surveyed expect businesses to respond to them within 60 minutes. However, recent research of 1,000 companies shows that businesses take an average of 12 hours and 10 minutes to respond to customers.

If you can beat this response time, you will be providing a better customer experience than your competitors: winning the loyalty of your customers long-term.

Increasing document security

While faxing documents with a physical fax machine worked well in the 20th century, they don’t provide businesses with the security they need to communicate freely in 2021.

Physical faxes can be intercepted by hand or with a fax demodulator. This means your customers information can be stolen by anyone with access to your office or fax line. As people worldwide are now hyper-focused on cybersecurity, embracing good cybersecurity practices is an essential part of providing a good customer experience.

Online faxing uses end-to-end encryption and cloud-based storage to protect your faxes. This stops faxes from being intercepted, as they are stored in a secure location that only you can access.

Increasing your availability

Online faxing lets you put customers first and paperwork last. An online fax machine puts all the documents you need on your computer, making the process of finding and filing faxes faster.

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Long term, this will increase the availability of anyone in a customer-facing role, allowing them to spend more time on customer experience. No matter your industry or the size of your business, the more time you spend perfecting your customer care skills, the better your average customer experience will be.

Facilitating one-on-one communication

Online faxing isn’t just great for business: it’s a game-changer for customer service. Online fax systems assign each fax sender a unique number. When a customer sends you a document more than once, this number ensures the document is sent to the same customer service representative that received the previous document.

This ensures each customer only communicates with one person, giving them fast service with a personal touch.

Improving your business processes

Switching to online faxing improves your everyday business processes. While a physical fax machine allows you to send and receive documents, it also requires constant attention. This includes collecting faxes, filing faxes, resolving fax errors and performing fax machine maintenance.

This isn’t just time-consuming: it’s expensive! While an online faxing system costs as little as $155.40 annually, a physical fax machine can cost $1,259.76 to run.

Switching to online fax saves you time, money and a headache – turning your business into an enterprise with the time and resources to provide a good customer experience.

Improve your Customer Experience with eFax

If you’re looking to improve your customer experience with online faxing, you’ll need to partner with an online fax provider you can trust.

eFax has been a leading online fax provider for over twenty-three years and works with over 11 million customers worldwide. eFax’s convenient online fax system allows you to send faxes from your computer, smartphone or tablet – anytime and anywhere.

eFax is a supporter of small businesses and remains dedicated to helping Australians communicate with a secure and reliable fax connection. They understand that Australian businesses need to be future-proof, so eFax offers every customer free cloud-based storage, end-to-end fax encryption and compassionate customer service.

Many Australian businesses lose their fax line when connecting to the NBN – but not with eFax. eFax’s dedicated customer service team can help you transition to the NBN smoothly, helping you fax with your NBN fax number from day one.

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