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How to Send a Fax Online


How to Send a Fax Online

Frequently Asked Questions

How to send a fax online without a fax machine?
Online faxing (or ‘internet faxing’) allows you to send a fax online without a fax machine. Unlike traditional faxing, online faxing transmits faxes via the internet, meaning you do not need a fax machine or fax line to send and receive faxes.

There are four ways to send a fax with online faxing that can be done through your web browser, through email, through a desktop app or via a mobile fax app. To send a fax with online faxing, you will need to sign up for online faxing with a provider like eFax. Once you have activated your online faxing number, start a new fax by clicking ‘compose fax’. Then, select your recipient’s fax number from your address book or type their number into the recipient’s box. Finally, attach up to 10 fax files by clicking ‘attach’ and fill in the cover sheet (optional). Transmit your fax by pressing ‘send’.

eFax automatically stores all faxes sent through their online faxing system in the ‘sent’ folder.

Is online faxing safe?
Online faxing is much safer than traditional faxing, as online fax providers like eFax take cybersecurity measures to protect your faxes. When you send a fax with eFax, it is automatically encrypted with 128 Bit AES encryption that alters its contents with a random cipher. eFax then decrypts your fax when it reaches your recipient’s inbox, meaning that even if someone intercepts your fax in transit, the fax thief would need a special key to decipher the fax’s contents. eFax also protects faxes with TLS (Transport Layer Security), which prevents your faxes contents from being altered, edited or forged during transmission.

As online faxing is a form of digital communication, it is significantly safer than traditional faxing. Traditional fax machines print your fax in a communal corner of the office, meaning anyone with access to the machine can intercept your private faxes. Online faxes are stored in the cloud, meaning only someone with full access to your faxing system could ever read your faxes.

How to send international fax online?
As online faxing transmits faxes via the internet, sending a fax internationally is just as easy as sending a fax locally. Follow these steps to send an international fax from Australia.
1. Click ‘send fax’ or ‘compose message’.
2. Type “0011” or “0015” into the recipient’s box. These are the international dialling prefixes for Australia.
3. Without any spaces, type the country and area codes for your fax recipient (i.e. “94” for India and “11” for Delhi).
4. Complete your fax number with your recipient’s local fax number (i.e. “0011941189281948”). If you are sending a fax via email, add “” after the number (i.e. “[email protected]”).
5. Attach up your fax files by clicking the ‘attach’ button.
6. Type a message in the ‘cover sheet’ box (this will become your cover sheet).
7. Press ‘send’. eFax will automatically transmit your fax and store a copy in the ‘sent’ faxes folder.

Like local faxes received, you can view international faxes through your inbox.

How to send a secure fax online?
While traditional faxing requires a fax machine, you can send a fax over the internet through online faxing. With online faxing, you can send a fax in four ways that can be done through email, web browser, desktop app or on mobile.

1. Click ‘compose message’.
2. Select your recipient from the address book or type in their fax number, including country and area codes (i.e. “612” for Sydney).
3. Type “” after the fax number, leaving no spaces (i.e. “[email protected]”).
4. Attach up to 10 files to fax.
5. Press ‘send’.

Web browser
1. Navigate to the eFax portal.
2. Click ‘send fax’.
3. Select your recipient from the address book or fill in their fax number, including country and area codes (i.e. “613” for Hobart).
4. Click ‘attach’ and add up to 10 files.
5. Click ‘send’.

Desktop or mobile app
1. Open the eFax app.
2. Press ‘compose fax’ or ‘new fax’.
3. Choose your recipient from the address book or fill in their fax number, including country and area codes (i.e. “617” for Brisbane).
4. Press ‘attachments’ and select up to 10 files.
5. Press ‘send fax’.

What is an online fax service?
While traditional fax services transmit faxes over analog fax lines (fax machine → fax lines → fax machine), an online fax service allows you to send and receive faxes via the internet (fax service → internet → fax service).

Unlike traditional fax services, online faxing services do not require a fax machine, paper, toner, or fax lines to operate. Instead, online faxing services store your faxes with cloud-based storage, allowing you to access them through your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Compared to traditional fax machines, online fax services are cheaper and more efficient. As online fax services cost as little as $143.55 a year, businesses who spend big on fax machine toner, paper and maintenance can save hundreds by switching to online faxing. Online faxing services can also process multiple faxes simultaneously, meaning the dreaded “line busy” signal will never again halt your productivity.

Since online faxing was made public in 1997, millions of people worldwide have embraced the technology.

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