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Reserve Your Fax Number Online and Start Faxing Today

The Benefits of Using an Online Fax Number

Reserve Your Fax Number Online and Start Faxing Today

Some people would guess that the age of faxing is long gone, but many businesses still fax routinely. The health care industry, legal industry, and law enforcement agencies among others all need to send and receive official documents and signatures, which in many cases are not digitised. While most communication is done by email, several vital tasks still require a fax. Thankfully, it is now possible to register a fax number online, and send and receive faxes worldwide from any internet connection.

The Great Benefits of Using an Online Fax Number

One of the key differences between using a physical fax machine and an online fax account is that you need to be at the physical machine in order to operate it. An online fax account; however, can be used from any active internet connection.

A great feature of virtual fax accounts in today’s age is the ability to fax from a smartphone. To fax from a smartphone, simply select a file stored on the phone or take a new picture of a document. Then you can send that file to any fax number. These smartphone apps also allow you to receive, view, and manage your faxes on the go.

With a traditional fax machine, once you receive a fax it is up to you to keep the document safe. However, with an online fax service, your fax account can save sent and received files indefinitely. Another advantage of having digitized fax documents is the ability to search between and within documents for specific keywords, cutting down on wasted time spent searching for a particular document.

How You Save Money with a Virtual Fax Account

Traditional fax machines are expensive and require an active phone line. This could require an additional phone line, and expenses begin to pile up when paper, toner, and maintenance are factored in.

A virtual fax service, however, requires only a single monthly payment. You will save time and money daily by avoiding frustrating paper jams and busy signals. You will never need to wait for confirmation, and best of all a reliable fax service provider will hardly fail you. Our online fax service even features 24/7 live customer support, so any problems you may have can be resolved promptly.

Sending and receiving faxes with the same ease of an email service cannot be underestimated in our fast-paced business world. Find out how a virtual fax account can enhance the efficiency of your business with eFax. This trial will show you just how simple your faxing can be, and make that big clunky machine seem as outdated as the typewriter.

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