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Internet Fax Provides Scalability for Your Business with eFax®

Internet Fax Provides Scalability

Internet Fax Provides Scalability for Your Business with eFax®

If you run a successful business, or plan to, you must also have a plan for growth. One of the greatest challenges businesses face is growing too quickly or not quickly enough. Amid all the uncertainty of income projections and capital investments, you will need some constants that you can rely on as you scale up.

You shouldn’t have to worry about your communications, particularly your faxes. If you have a traditional fax machine, you are limited by the number of dedicated fax lines you have and the time it takes to transmit or receive each fax. When you need to reach many different business partners in a short amount of time, a single fax line just won’t work.

Moving up to an internet fax signals you are prepared for whatever comes. Here are a few of the benefits most relevant to your business scalability plans:

Up to 5 email addresses – Immediately you will be able to send faxes from 5 different accounts, allowing different team members or entire divisions to access online faxing. The potential is vast because you can make a template, review each fax before it goes for personalisation, and send out multiple faxes on each account.

Volume receiving – If you are accepting bids or customer data by fax, you will now be able to do volume receiving. Because it is not tied down to a land-line, there is no limit to the number of documents that you can receive simultaneously. Set up filters to handle each fax based on key words or alerts to let you know as each one arrives. Expansion of your business does not diminish your capacity in any way.

Local numbers – One of the best ways to convince prospective clients that you are committed to an area is with a local fax number so that it will cost them nothing to communicate with you. A fax number in their area code also looks more professional and gives you access to new markets, setting the stage for a satellite office if the business can support it.

You can rest assured that eFax® offers local numbers throughout Australia and in 46 countries around the world. There really should be no limit to how much your company can grow.

When you choose to send your critical communications through eFax®, you have chosen the internet’s #1 Internet fax service provider in the world. We currently serve more than 11 million subscribers in 46 countries. There is no reason to speculate about whether online fax service is right for your company. Try it now for 30 days absolutely free and start measuring the savings in time, convenience, and improvements to your bottom line.

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