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How to Compare Internet Fax Services

How to Evaluate Internet Fax Services

How to Compare Internet Fax Services

In Australia, there are approximately 29.37 fax machines for every 1000 people. At the same time, the country has approximately 707.8 internet users per population of 1000 people. From these statistics, it is clear that more people have access to internet than fax machines.

This is only one of the benefits of internet fax services. Other benefits include convenience, cost benefits and reliability. Before choosing from available online fax services, however, we invite you to use the following factors to compare them.

Cost of the Internet Fax Service

Obviously, firms offering these services have different offers. Compare the different costs of all the companies to end up with a reasonable price that will enable you to keep your overall business expenses down. Apart from the subscription (either per-fax or per-month fee) charge, there may also be incidental charges. For example, there may be setup fees, cap on number of faxes received or sent and other hidden costs. Therefore, you are better of adding the total from each company before doing the comparison.

Features of the Service

It is also good to compare the features of these services. Apart from the obvious ability to send and receive faxes online, you may also be interested in additional features such as account management, virtual presence numbers, fax alerts, delivery confirmations and others. Try to get as many additional features as you can find, so that you don’t have to spend unnecessary resources on them. Some providers will even allow you to send faxes in different formats such as PDF, doc and image files.

Security of the Online Fax Service

Information sent over the internet can be vulnerable; hence, you need some form of assurance over the security of your confidential faxes. Encryption is one of the most successful ways of securing data in transit. Therefore, look for service providers who have encryption services. You need to know that the information you are sending will not be accessed by anybody else other than the intended recipient.

Service Flexibility

Online fax accounts can be rigid or flexible, and it is clearly advisable to operate a flexible account. For example, when you want to change your fax email address, change your password, or configure other settings, it should not be difficult. Some people may not view flexibility as an important feature, but it is always good to know that you can change your account settings yourself whenever you wish.

Support from the Online Fax Service Provider

At one time or another, you may encounter a challenge with your account configurations. Accidents do happen, even to the most efficient companies. Apart from concerning yourself with the probability of hiccups, you should also be interested in the support you would get in case of interruptions. In short, you should have some form of assurance that you will be accorded help within a reasonable time-frame.

Internet fax services are easy, fast and can be used in any place with an internet connection. These services are easy to setup, and you don’t even need to install anything.

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