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International Fax Solutions

Your fax number doesn’t have to be in the same country as your business. It’s true; you can setup a fax number for a country and city in some other part of the world and have incoming faxes pop into your inbox. This is great for people with internet based and multinational businesses. It means you can have a fax line in Paris for your office in Sydney, or a Brisbane line for your London office. Wherever you need that fax number to be, eFax® is there to help. Just because your office isn’t local, doesn’t mean your fax number can’t be.

Send Faxes Internationally

When you sign up with eFax®, you can send faxes to any country around the world. With a traditional fax line you would need a long-distance carrier and the additional bill that goes with it if you wanted to send faxes internationally. With eFax®, world-wide faxing is included with the service and you can transmit up to 150 pages per month (depending on the destination). Using eFax® can lower your communication bills and streamline your fax process.

Receive International Faxes

With eFax®, you can receive faxes from any country around the world. Anyone, anywhere, can send a fax to your local or international number. You select which phone number best suites your needs and eFax® takes care of the rest. The faxes can then be viewed on your phone using the eFax® app for Android® and iPhone®, online at the eFax® website, or via email as an attachment. All of these options makes it very easy for you to receive faxes from anywhere in the world.

Send and Receive Faxes While Traveling

Just because you’re traveling, you don’t have to stop sending and receiving faxes around the globe. The best part of having an eFax® account is when you’re traveling. This could be a business trip half way around the globe, or a quick coffee run to the shop on the corner. Your fax machine is always at hand on your phone, laptop, or other internet connected device.

Fax Resources

As online faxing transmits faxes via the internet, you can use online faxing to share documents internationally. Unlike traditional faxing, online faxing does not rely on ISDN/ PSTN fax lines, meaning you can send documents to anyone with a fax number and an internet-connected device (no matter where they live).

Sending a fax internationally is just as easy as sending a fax domestically. To send your fax, you simply open your online fax service, click ‘new fax’, type your recipient’s full fax number followed by “” into the ‘to’ field, attach your fax files and press ‘send’. When sending a fax to a new recipient, make sure you include their country code, area code, and local fax number. For example, someone in Melbourne would have the full fax number ‘61399901827’, including the country code ‘61’ and the area code ‘3’.

If you send faxes inside a single country regularly, you can also get a local number. With online provider eFax, you can choose a number from 3,500 cities worldwide – even if you don’t live there.

As online faxing transmits faxes over the internet, there are no major differences between sending a fax internationally and domestically. To send a fax internationally, follow these steps.

  • Open the eFax portal or your eFax app.
  • Click ‘new fax’.
  • Type your recipient’s number into the ‘to’ field, or select their number from your address book. When typing in a fax number, always include your recipient’s country code (i.e. ‘61’ for Australia) and city code (i.e. ‘3’ for Melbourne), as well as their full fax number (i.e. ‘9382 1994’).
  • Add “” to your recipient’s fax number, leaving no spaces (i.e. “[email protected]”).
  • Attach your fax files. With eFax, you can attach up to 10 files per fax.
  • Fill in your fax’s cover letter with any additional information. If you don’t need to add any information, you can leave the cover sheet blank.
  • Press ‘send’.

Once you have sent your fax, eFax will process it as quickly as possible. Once eFax has confirmed that your recipient has received your fax, you will receive a confirmation notification.

You can fax internationally using online faxing. As online faxing does not rely on ISDN/ PSTN fax lines, online faxing services can transmit faxes to anyone with an internet-connected device and a fax number – no matter their location.

The easiest and fastest way to fax internationally is with online fax provider eFax. Using eFax’s online faxing system, you can fax internationally by following these steps:

  • Sign up for eFax.
  • Open eFax and select ‘new fax’.
  • Type your recipient’s fax number into the ‘to’ field. Make sure you include their country code (i.e. ‘61’ for Australia), their area code (i.e. ‘2’ for Sydney) and their fax number. Type “” after the number.
  • Attach up to 10 fax files. With Large File Transfer, eFax supports files up to 3GB.
  • Press ‘send’.

There are two primary ways to fax internationally: from your fax number or a fax number in your recipient’s country. If you want to fax directly from your recipient’s country, you can sign up to eFax with a number from their local city. eFax owns numbers in 3,500 cities and 46 countries.

With online faxing, international faxing is very affordable. Unlike traditional faxing, online faxing transmits faxes over the internet, which is cheaper and faster than faxing through ISDN and PSTN fax lines.

The cost of international faxing depends on the online faxing provider you choose. As eFax is a leading fax provider worldwide, let’s use eFax as an example. Subscription plans to eFax start from $144.55 a year, which includes up to 400 free faxes per month. Using this plan, you could send a fax domestically for no additional cost or internationally with a small additional fee. eFax calculates this fee based on the country and device you are faxing. For example, sending a fax to Indonesia from Australia would cost $0.15 per page (local) and $0.65 per page (mobile). For a complete list of eFax’s international rates, please see this pricing guide.

If you need to fax documents to a single country regularly, you can also get a local fax number. With eFax, you can select a fax number from 3,500 cities in 46 countries worldwide – even if you don’t live there.

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