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Mobile Phone Fax App

Mobile Fax App Can Turn Your Phone Into a Fax Machine

Mobile Phone Fax App

Smart phones have the wonderful ability to do just about anything. They can monitor your heart rate, navigate directions and even read your text or emails aloud. Smart phones have also adapted many apps that are useful for businesses. One new and innovative app that has proven successful for many businesses is our mobile fax app. The mobile fax app turns your phone into a virtual fax machine allowing you to send and receive faxes in an instant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you fax from your mobile phone?
Online faxing allows you to send and receive faxes through any mobile phone, tablet, or computer that is connected to the internet.

Unlike traditional faxing, online faxing transmits faxes over the internet – meaning you do not need a fax line or a fax machine connection to send faxes. Instead, faxes from your phone transmit through an app provided by your online faxing provider (like eFax).

To send a fax via the eFax app on iOS/Android, follow these steps.
1. Click the menu and press ‘compose fax’.
2. Type your recipient’s number into the ‘send to’ box, or select their contact from your address book.
3. Press ‘add attachments’ and select up to 10 files.
4. Press ‘send’.

To receive a fax via the eFax app on iOS/Android, follow these steps.
1. Click on the menu and select ‘inbox’.
2. Scroll down until you reach your desired fax. Press the fax and click ‘view fax’.
3. Select ‘edit’ to forward, sign or trash your fax.
4. Select ‘save’ to close the fax. eFax will save any changes you make automatically.

How to fax from my mobile phone?
Follow these steps to send a fax through your mobile phone.
1. Download the eFax app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
2. Sign in with your eFax account credentials. eFax will then direct you to your home page. If you are not a current eFax user, sign up here.
3. Navigate to the menu and select ‘compose fax’.
4. Type your recipient’s fax number into the ‘sent to’ box or select your recipient from your address book.
5. Press ‘add attachments’. You can add up to 10 attachments per fax. Select files from your photos or documents folders, or take a photo with your camera.
6. If you want to include a cover sheet, turn on the ‘cover sheet’ option. Type your message in the ‘cover sheet’ box.
7. Select ‘preview’ to view your fax.
8. Press ‘send’. eFax will automatically save your fax to your ‘sent’ folder. Once your fax has transmitted, you will receive a confirmation email.

Can I receive a fax on my mobile?
To receive a fax on your mobile phone, you will need to download the eFax app. The eFax app is available on iOS and Android devices. Once you have downloaded the app and signed in with your eFax account details, the app will redirect you to the home screen.

eFax automatically receives and saves every fax sent to your fax number. To view your received faxes on mobile, navigate to the menu and select ‘inbox’. Your inbox will list your faxes from most recent to least recent.

Scroll down to locate your fax and select ‘view fax’. This will open your fax and allow you to interact with the fax by adding a signature, tagging it, forwarding it, trashing it, or adjusting the document’s orientation. Once you have finished editing your fax, save your changes by pressing ‘save’.

All faxes received on your mobile device are stored automatically in the cloud, where you can access them through any computer, mobile phone or tablet with an internet connection.

How do fax apps work?
Fax apps automatically connect with your online faxing system. When you sign up for online faxing, any faxes sent to your fax number are stored automatically in the cloud. You can then access your faxes from any device connected to the internet, including your mobile phone, tablet or computer.

To get started with mobile faxing, download the eFax app onto your device from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Once you have signed in with your account details, your faxes will automatically sync, giving you full access to your online faxing system.

You can send, receive and edit faxes through the eFax app. To send a fax, click ‘compose fax’, select your desired recipient, type their fax number into the ‘sent to’ box, attach up to 10 files, and press ‘send’. To receive a fax, press ‘inbox’, scroll down to find your fax and select ‘view fax’ to open it. Using the ‘edit’ button, you can also interact with your fax by adding a signature, trashing it, forwarding it, tagging it or adjusting the document orientation.

Are fax apps secure?
Online fax providers like eFax have designed their system to protect your data with the latest cybersecurity technology, making online fax apps a highly secure form of digital communication.

When you send a fax, eFax automatically encrypts it with 128 Bit AES encryption. Your fax then travels to your recipient via a secure communication channel. eFax encodes your faxes as they are transmitted, meaning anyone who intercepts your fax will need a key to decipher its contents. Faxes sent with eFax are also protected with TLS (Transport Layer Security), preventing your faxes from being forged, altered or tampered with by outside parties as they transmit.

Online fax apps are safer than traditional faxing, as printed faxes can easily be stolen, lost or intercepted by anyone with access to the fax machine. On the other hand, online fax stores your faxes in the cloud and delivers them straight to your inbox.

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