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How to Send Large Files Quickly and Easily by Online Fax


How to Send Large Files Quickly and Easily by Online Fax

It might come as a surprise that large files, along with video and high resolution images, can now be sent across the world via the internet in just a few clicks.

How? By online fax, the new, digital way to send your high-volume documents and crystal-clear images without the annoyance of clogged inboxes, bounced emails and fuzzy graphics.

Companies like eFax offer packages which give business a range of features including a digitised signature, unlimited cloud storage, instant retrieval and high-security encryption of all documents and files, ensuring protection of data at all times.

Just think – all those promotional videos, high resolution images and hefty files previously emailed piece by piece or sent by costly courier can now be winging their way from country to country via your mobile, tablet or laptop.

It’s easy, and here’s how it works.

How to send large files via eFax


  • Log in to your eFax account via any device connected to the internet.
  • Click on the ‘share large files’ button.
  • A short-form will pop up. Type in name, subject, recipient email address and your message.
  • Send to up to 20 email addresses at a time.
  • Click on the ‘upload files’ button and select files you want to send, upload file sizes up to 1GB.
  • When the blue bar loads completely and you see the word ‘done’, you know it’s loaded successfully.
  • Click on the ‘notify upon downloading’ button if you want notification of arrival.
  • Click ‘send’. When sent successfully, a confirmation screen will appear with name of file and when it will expire.
  • Recipient will receive email with link to download the file.

How to send large files avoiding these well-known disasters

  • The slow boat to China. You know the agony of sending a large file at a snail’s pace through email? You have to break it down into smaller chunks. It can take several minutes to finally get a confirmation message of a sent email – longer if images, videos and large documents are involved. You have to send the images at a low resolution just to get it through. So the sent picture is nothing like the original. You can successfully slow down an entire office of computers doing things this way, making yourself extremely unpopular at the same time.
  • Missing the boat completely. In some offices, bandwidth is so restricted that employee email accounts limit the size of attached files. So you might not even be able to email that large document at all. Best case scenario; you are notified immediately that it can’t be sent. Worst case scenario; you find out much, much later that your valuable document never arrived at all.
  • Ditching the boat in favour of snail mail or courier. If you haven’t got online fax, there’s no other solution. You sometimes have to resort to traditional post – extremely slow – or courier which will be very costly, particularly if you have to send across the world.

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