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4 Things a Business Can Do Faster in The Cloud


4 Things a Business Can Do Faster in The Cloud

In the last five years, cloud computing has caught on with businesses. Put simply, the cloud the ability the internet has to store data and programs, allowing many users to access these at the same time, from anywhere.

It wasn’t obvious at first that the internet could be used as a place for data storage, as well as operate as a virtual highway for information. The idea that you don’t have a program installed on your computer, but access it online, was an even harder concept to grasp. But now, many business owners are seeing the possibilities of working in the cloud.

From cloud storage to cloud communications


Here are four things that can be done better in the cloud:

1. Software programs

With cloud software, you subscribe to use programs online. You don’t actually own a copy of the program, and there’s no software installed on your computer. There’s also no need for updates, because the latest version is always available online. Using the cloud in this way is becoming increasingly popular. For example, Adobe’s influential Creative Cloud suite of programs can now only be accessed online, while other popular business programs, such as MYOB, Excel and Word, have also moved to the cloud. It doesn’t matter what computer, tablet or smartphone you (or your staff) use to work from, as long as it has access to the internet, your programs and data are right there.

2. Storage in the cloud

Online storage of data used to be prohibitively expensive, but advances in technology means it’s now possible to have all your files stored in the cloud. Why does this make things faster? Because you don’t have to go back to a particular computer, or have your in-office server active all the time, in order to access a file.

Plus, the time it takes to back up drives no longer applies if you use online storage. You don’t have to remember to schedule back-ups either, in the cloud your backing up is scheduled for you.

3. Communication that’s faster, easier

But you don’t have to stop at processing and storing in the cloud. If you want to send a fax online or fax to email you can do that in the cloud as well.

You can fax from a PC or smartphone by getting a local or toll free number that acts as a portal to digital fax features. There’s no actual phone line dedicated to the virtual number, it’s assigned to you so that you can use email and the cloud to send a fax online or email large files up to 1GB that your email server would consider too big.

The eFax Mobile App is a good way to realise the potential of the cloud in your business communications. You can take a photo of a document and fax it from your phone, a copy being sent to your inbox. You have all the power of a traditional fax machine in your hand, and you can use it from anywhere.

4. Collaboration

The cloud also allows quick and easy collaboration on projects and access to important documents. Changes are saved automatically and can be seen instantly, no matter how many users are accessing the file, or where they are working from. No more emailing important documents around the whole staff, and waiting for 10 different changes to come back!

Faster in the cloud

Working in the cloud offers businesses a number of benefits. By embracing the cloud, you can speed up business processes such as communications, and make sure your software programs are always up to date and your data is securely stored.

Try the best online fax with eFax® to see the benefits for yourself.

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