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Send Large Files for Business Using a Faster Alternative To Email

Send Large Files for Business

Send Large Files for Business Using a Faster Alternative To Email

In the business world, most professionals have to send large files on occasion or even regularly. Regardless of the industry you are in, you have likely had to send everything from high-resolution pictures and videos to entire sales presentations in a variety of formats. By now, you have surely experienced just how difficult it can be to simply email such files since they are so big. In fact, there are a few specific drawbacks of using email for this purpose.

Large Emails Are Slow To Send to Recipients

You would be unpleasantly surprised if you were to truly think about the great deal of time you have wasted watching your email account go at a snail’s pace sending files. It can take several minutes to finally get a confirmation message on your screen that your files have successfully been sent. Think about the negative impact this long process has had on your busy schedule over the years. If you have several images, videos, or large documents to email, you can expect to tie up your computer for quite a while. In addition, the bandwidth required for this process may even slow down the computers of everyone in your office, reducing productivity in the workplace.

Overloaded Emails Often Fail to Send At All

In many offices, the bandwidth issue is so severe that employee email accounts have limits when it comes to the size of the attached files. This means you might deal with the inconvenient issue of not being able to send large files through email at all. If you are fortunate, you will be notified immediately that you cannot send the email. Otherwise, you might only find out hours or days later that an email was never sent, which can clearly have consequences in the business world.

Email May Require You to Compromise on Quality When You Send Large Files…But It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way


In order to avoid slowing down your internet speed or even failing to send the email at all, you might have to choose to send a smaller file. This may require you to send a presentation piece by piece. If you are sending a video or image, you might need to choose a lower resolution just to get it to the intended recipient in a single email. The result is that the quality of the file you are sending will suffer.

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