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Avoid common problems associated with fax machines when you use online fax

Online Fax Features that Can Help You to Avoid Common Problems with Fax Machines

With the modern business world seeing so many advancements in technology and everyday resources, elements like improved fax features are reducing business waste, increasing efficiency, and minimizing costs.

To understand these solutions, we must first dive into the current fax problems for a better perspective.

Understanding Current Fax Problems

Looking at the ways today’s traditional fax features work, we can easily identify several areas in which these once cutting edge technologies are no longer as efficient as they once were.

For starters, standard fax machines are rather wasteful. Not only do they require you to power a separate machine throughout the day and night, but you are required to supply each machine regularly with toner, ink, and of course the biggest waste of all, paper resources.

With an internet faxing service like eFax® your company is able to eliminate the need to supply power to a dedicated machine as its service runs on your existing computers. Also, with eFax® you are sending and receiving faxes digitally and only need to print the faxes you need in paper form, thus reducing these other costs greatly.

In addition to its wasteful nature, the traditional fax system is no longer an efficient office solution. The idea that each employee must physically go to the machine and wait for the faxing process to be completed is not the best way for associates to be spending their time.

Having eFax® in place, staff members are able to remain at their stations, in work mode, without having to physically be interrupted to send or pick up a fax. This can translate into an increase in overall productivity.

Then there are the other costly elements associated with traditional fax systems. For example, for every office or department in a mid-sized firm, the owner is going to have to buy individual machines, pay for extra dedicated land lines, and of course there are the additional energy costs.

With eFax® you are using your company’s existing computers and network connections to operate the system. If you decide to expand, your employees simply need to know how to email and they can use the eFax® system. There is no proprietary equipment to purchase or set up.

How Could These Problems Impact Future Growth?


As your company grows, you need to have some redundancy in place that can protect your business from costly errors. One great solution that is already in place with eFax is that you can enjoy a lifetime of storage for your faxes. This means that every fax you send or receive is stored on secure servers until you need it.

The best way to see if the features of an online service can replace your tired machine is to try one today. Test drive the best online fax features with eFax® to see the benefits for yourself.


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