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How to Send and Receive a Fax Online


How to Send and Receive a Fax Online

Faxing on the go is the best part of having a virtual fax system. Whether you’re travelling the globe or lunching at the corner coffee shop, your office can literally be in your pocket.

Your smartphone is the perfect way to send large files, receive urgent business documents or digitally sign and fax a contract which just won’t wait.

With the eFax Mobile App or computer software, you can send and receive a fax online worldwide through any device with an internet connection.

Let’s look at how easy sending and receiving virtual faxes really is.

How to send files online


  • Send faxes from the cloud. Forget the traditional fax machine, virtual faxing allows you to connect with far-flung customers via the internet. All Windows, Mac and Linux computers are compatible, and any Android or iPhone can be turned into a pocket fax machine. Choose your own local or toll free fax number and get up and running instantly.
  • Send faxes internationally. Make your long-distance faxing cheap and swift. Forget the traditional fax with its clunky international service and costly call prices. Fax to any country around the world where there is an internet connection. The eFax service includes worldwide faxing, allowing you to transmit up to 200 pages per month, depending on the destination. That means a more efficient, streamlined and cheaper fax service for your business.
  • Send faxes any way you like. Use eFax software on your office desktop, the eFax Mobile App or eFax services via your browser. It gives you and your staff complete flexibility.
  • Send faxes via email. This is a quick process. Using eFax, simply address an email to [email protected] and attach the documents, type a cover message if you wish, then press ‘send’. Your fax will be sent from eFax using your account information for replies. You will also be sent a delivery confirmation email so you know that your fax has arrived safely.

How to receive files online

  • Receive faxes from the cloud. You will receive an email with a PDF or TIF attachment in your selected inbox. eFax delivers faxes in three digital file formats – PDF, TIFF or EFX. EFX files are compact fax files that can be read using the free eFax Messenger software.
  • Receive faxes internationally. An online fax system allows you to receive faxes from any country around the world. Anyone, anywhere, can send a fax to your local or international number. Just select the phone number which best suits your needs. Faxes can then be viewed on your phone using the eFax Mobile App for Android and iPhone, online at the eFax website, or via email as an attachment.
  • Receive faxes on more than one email account. All your faxes can be directed to anything up to five different email addresses. Receive up to 200 incoming fax pages per month free of charge via eFax.
  • Receive faxes via email. Any fax sent to your personal fax number will be transformed into an attachment and sent directly to your inbox for review. You can forward these attachments, save them to your computer or print them out. So you can manage all your fax sending and receiving operations from your inbox.

The sheer versatility of virtual faxing makes it an invaluable digital tool for SMEs needing to share volumes of information on a regular basis.

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