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Seriously, Does Anyone Still Use a Fax?


Seriously, Does Anyone Still Use a Fax?

Yes, fax is alive and thriving. But not in the way you think. Contemporary fax is cloud-based and packed with the latest digital features.

Gone is the old fax machine, gathering dust in the corner and half-hidden under mounds of wasted paper.

Here is the internet fax, your means of running a virtual office from pretty much anywhere in the world, sending and receiving multiple faxes simultaneously from any device connected to the internet.

So yes, fax has had a major digital makeover, and here are some compelling reasons to give it a try.

Increase your options


Your old machine just sent paper faxes, one at a time. Online faxing combines the convenience of email with the speed of the internet to revolutionise the process. You have a whole range of features to choose from, including the ability to send large files to multiple recipients, digitised signatures, unlimited cloud storage and instant access to all your past faxes. No longer send just one page at a time. Send high-volume documents with images in seconds.

Declutter your office

You no longer need large desktop computers and fax machines banking up in the office. Online faxing allows you to send documents from your smartphone, tablet or laptop, anywhere you have an internet connection.

Save money

You no longer need to rent a dedicated phone line for your fax machine, or suffer the annoyance of having to share the phone line between telephone and fax. Remember all those faxes that got cut off by the phone, and phone conversations that got disrupted by an incoming fax?

Traditional fax machines require regular maintenance, toner refills, and sometimes expensive repairs. Systems such as eFax remove the need for such machinery, offering a more cost-effective way of faxing files.

Internet fax avoids the long-distance call charges which can make faxing overseas so prohibitive. Use of the internet brings global companies within reach at the touch of a button.

No longer pay costly faxing fees at the printing shop or hotel when you’re on the road. Charge up your device and off you go.

Improve quality

Remember the grainy old text and faded words so often found on traditional fax printouts? It’s no longer a problem. Online faxing ensures clarity and consistency on every document, even large jobs with multiple pages and high-resolution images.

Go green

Online faxing is a truly green solution. If you care for the environment and want to cut down on paper consumption, it’s a great idea. Old-fashioned fax machines can’t discriminate between important and unnecessary incoming documents. They’ll just print it anyway, giving you a mound of wasted and costly paper. If a fax error is encountered – and remember how many of those you used to get? – the machine will print off another page telling you all about it. As if you really needed to know!

Read internet faxes directly from a computer screen, and decide yourself if you want to print them or not. Read any error messages onscreen, and just move on!

Faxing is definitely still in fashion, it’s just the way you fax that is changing. Internet faxes are the new and increasingly popular way to send data quickly, efficiently and inexpensively. So find out more about the range of eFax services available, and transform your business today.

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