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Six Ways Your Business Can Use Cloud Technology


Six Ways Your Business Can Use Cloud Technology

There’s now more cloud technology available than ever before. A Forbes survey has found that more than 70% of businesses will switch over to cloud-based platforms in the next few years.

Streamlined efficient processes in the cloud

Here are six ways you can use the cloud in your business

1) Automated platforms for accounting and finance

Cloud-based platforms are very effective to streamline processes. They offer features such as single sign on verification. This means when clients or the business needs to open new accounts with banks or financial providers a great deal of time is saved as the data is only needed initially. Payroll and accounting platforms are very intuitive and work off business rules you create, for instance when invoices are automatically sent off or payments made. They can alert you to major outgoing expenses and give you a holistic overview of the state of your business.

2) Online fax solutions

Online fax services are highly effective and mean you no longer need a physical fax machine with the cost and need for maintenance. Faxes are sent through a Fax-to-Email feature. Your incoming faxes arrive as a PDF or TIF. Faxing online opens up a new realm of mobility and accessibility, as you can send and receive using any device. Plus, premium online fax systems such as eFax offer other attractive features including file sharing, file storage and being able to view the entire history of your faxes. The excellent thing about online faxing is that it also offers security through SSL encryption – no more worrying about faxes being visible to all as they sit on the machine.

3) Cloud solutions for storage

Online storage is one of the most loved elements of cloud-based technologies. It’s easy to see why. Businesses have always traditionally had problems with data storage. Having to constantly buy new hard drives or upgrade networks raises more problems than it solves. Drives and networks are not safe from cyber attacks, crashes or fires and floods. Cloud storage is far more secure through SSL encryption and passwords, and there’s also no physical resource to be lost or stolen. The better cloud storage systems are flexible in price depending on your volume of data, and if your storage needs fluctuate.

4) Cloud solutions for file sharing

Another bugbear of modern business is the frustration of sending large files or images as email attachments and then avoiding the strain this places on networks. And couriering documents is still time-consuming and expensive. Cloud systems allow a business to upload a very large file or a high volume of files to an online platform. The recipients can then access and download the files once they’re given the password. This takes the stress of file transfer off the business and places it in the cloud.

5) Access to automatic updates

The beauty of cloud-based programs is their ability to automatically update when a new version arrives. This means your business isn’t constantly hit with costly updates, as well as having to seek out the new versions. This ensures your business stays current on key office software programs with minimal disruption to your operating system.

6) Scalability

All cloud-based platforms are scalable meaning they are fluid and responsive to your business needs. For instance, if you purchase a fax machine you’re locked into that resource even if your fax usage drops. Cloud solutions shrink or expand depending on usage. You only pay for what you use, which is very attractive for any business.

Getting ahead in the cloud

Cloud-based technologies are responsive, dynamic and resource light. They can scale with your business, and are a very cost-effective way of making sure your business processes are as efficient as possible.

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