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Still Using a Fax Machine? Here’s Why You no Longer Need it


Still Using a Fax Machine? Here’s Why You no Longer Need it

The fax machine is fast becoming one of those relics of a bygone office system. It’s something we’re used to, and we don’t question its presence. It’s like the office equivalent of a fob watch – benign but ultimately useless. So consider why, when everything else has gone digital, should you have a fax machine at all?

Virtual faxing is a more business friendly alternative

A virtual fax system is a far better alternative to the outdated clunky fax machine. Internet faxing gives you the same service provided by a traditional fax machine, but with added features and lower costs.

A virtual fax works this way – you set up an account and choose a fax number. This number then takes incoming faxes and converts the fax to email. Outgoing faxes are also sent as emails. You can use your laptop, smartphone or tablet to send and receive faxes, meaning you can be doing business while on the go.

With an option to insert a digital signature on documents, there’s also no longer any need to print out documents in order to sign them and send them back – you can do it all online.

From the recipient’s perspective, your fax number is a valid phone number, and if they’re using a traditional fax machine they’ll receive your fax as a printed document. However, you can receive their documents via email as attached PDFs or TIFs.

Online faxing saves on costs and resources

Online faxes are a far better option than traditional fax machine for a number of reasons. They’re paperless and don’t have all the associated costs with a physical machine. For instance, you’re not paying for repairs and maintenance, or ink or toner.

If you add up these basic costs per month they are quite substantial. On the old fax machine, when there’s a failure for the fax to go through you have pages of error reports printed. This doesn’t happen on an online system. Nor does your business suffer with the logjam of people wanting to use the fax machines. With an account from eFax, you can set up multiple users who can all send and receive faxes at the same time.

Bonus features with eFax

A virtual fax account from eFax also has the capacity to file share and store data.

So you can upload very large image-packed documents, which are then accessed by recipients via a link and can be easily downloaded. No more clogging up email servers! Your eFax account will also securely archive all your faxes, for easy access at any time.

Greater mobility from the virtual fax

Because you can send or receive faxes from any device with an internet connection, virtual faxing means you can be much more mobile. You’re not tied to the office, because the fax machine is in your bag. Overseas business trips become easier – with no more expensive hotel faxing.

Making the changeover to an online system for faxing instantly streamlines your business processes, giving you greater flexibility and mobility as well as saving on resources and costs. That unwieldy fax machine in your office is on borrowed time!

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