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The Role of Virtual Fax in Contemporary Business Strategy and the Benefits of Going Virtual

Role of Virtual Fax in Contemporary Business Strategy

The Role of Virtual Fax in Contemporary Business Strategy and the Benefits of Going Virtual

The rate at which Australians adopted virtual solutions over the Internet as the new normal has been astonishing. The Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy explained the value of virtualisation to Australian Business in its Australia’s Digital Economy: Future Directions – Final Report. Stephen Conroy, Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, put it this way:

“Many Australians are rapidly adopting technology and taking up the new opportunities to connect, collaborate and transact more effectively. Many businesses are incorporating the digital tools necessary to make their business more productive and efficient, and reach new audiences.”

The report highlights two examples of how traditional businesses have used the virtual world to more efficiently work with their suppliers and better serve the public. Within two years of implementing a broadband virtual solution, a printing firm on the Yorke Peninsula that had been in business for 110 years was suddenly able to offer high value printing by outsourcing their larger, labor intensive print runs to a contractor in Perth.

Another business highlighted in the report was a small insurance broker specialising in financial advisory. This company was able to open remote branches in cities across Australia by creating virtual offices. This case represents how even traditional businesses are using the latest Internet technologies to grow their customer base.

Central to the power of the new virtual office is the communications strategy. An Internet fax service uses the full power of the Internet to replace the inefficiencies of a traditional fax machine. A virtual fax can:

  • eliminate the expense of a dedicated fax line with its obligatory upgrade and maintenance fees
  • free employees to fax from anywhere, even from their smartphones using a mobile app
  • reduce environmental impact while lowering costs by eliminating wasted fax paper and toner cartridges
  • keep an inventory of faxes at your fingertips in an online, searchable database

For businesses interested in expanding their market reach, a virtual fax service allows them to establish a presence in other regions with local fax numbers around the country and across the world. Having a local fax number makes it less expensive for prospective customers and suppliers to contact you, providing your business with a valuable competitive edge. Even files that are too large for most email servers, such as presentations and documents with detailed images, can easily be faxed using our cloud-based virtual fax service.

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