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Fax by Email Programs Increase Efficiency and Help Maximize Profits

Fax by Email Programs Increase Efficiency

Fax by Email Programs Increase Efficiency and Help Maximize Profits

Offices are filled with wasted dollars in the form of time spent on menial or useless tasks that could be done a better way. Sending faxes by large and cumbersome machines is a prime example. With today’s technology there isn’t a business that wouldn’t benefit from fax by email programs.

Why Traditional Faxing Systems Work Against Your Business

Fax machines hooked up to phone lines in your office present obstacles to time management for a number of reasons. The top relevant time-wasters include:

  1. Printing a physical copy of a document
  2. Distance from workspace
  3. Distractions found on the way there and back
  4. Complicated controls
  5. Shaky internet connections
  6. Slow transfers
  7. Refilling ink and paper
  8. Managing technical issues and paper jams

All of these little jobs boil down to time drains, and when employees are paid by the hour or even on salary, every minute impacts your bottom line. When fax by email services now offer fast, secure document transfer with significant savings over the cost of traditional systems, it makes no sense for successful business owners to ignore them.

How Fax to Email Systems Boost Your Bottom Line

The most important money-saving aspect of online faxing programs is the ability to do everything from your work station. In contrast to traditional methods, with a fax by email program in place, an employee now will only spend time:

  1. Composing or Opening an email
  2. Attaching a file

Compare these two simple tasks with the myriad of tasks necessary to send a fax using traditional methods!

Depending on the speed of your internet connection, the process now could take only seconds to complete. Most faxes rely on common file types to complete the process. A notification is sent to your email when your documents have been sent successfully. Likewise, if someone is faxing important records to you, you’ll receive an email pointing to the secure location online where you can download them.

No More Missing or Messy Documents

In addition to the practical time saved when doing business from the comfort of your desk, eliminating a traditional fax machine cuts out the chance of missing files and wait times to ensure documents were processed correctly. Important documents are saved online in case they need to be printed again.

The costs of traditional faxing methods are on the rise. Equipment, premium paper and ink, dedicated fax lines and the work hours required to put them all to best use are an unnecessary drain on your profits. Reduce your overhead and simplify your employees’ workload with a reliable fax by email service like eFax®.

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