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5 Things That You Didn’t Know Online Fax Could Do

Wednesday, March 02, 2016 by eFax Team

When you hear the word “fax” you may think of an old fashioned machine churning out paper, one that you aren’t entirely sure still exists in the modern workplace. Fortunately, fax is still alive and well, thanks to advances in technology that have enabled faxing to go online. Online faxing has many great features that make it perfect for both personal and business use. Here are a few examples.

No fax machine required

The great thing about online faxing is its versatility. You can send a fax by e-mail, using the app or online – whatever suits you! The versatility of online fax ensures you are never restricted and the services are always accessible, unlike a traditional fax machine that requires you to physically scan documents yourself. Any fax you receive will arrive as an e-mail attachment that you can access anywhere that you have access to your Inbox.

Use it anytime, anywhere

Companies like eFax recognise why phone apps are so popular – they allow us to be mobile beings. Therefore, they have created their own mobile faxing app that enables users to send faxes from their phone, straight to the receiver. This means that if you need to send a fax on the go, you can do so easily – saving time for everyone!

Add your digitised signature

Signatures are a common reason for why people send faxes. With a digitised signature feature, you can save your signature and drag and drop it to add to any document you receive. Then you can send it back without the need to print at all! Alternatively you can sign your name using a mouse or touchscreen when required, once again avoiding the need to print and re-scan documents.

Safe and secure

Anything that utilises the Internet needs to be secure. Online fax aims to continue to provide the security of a traditional fax machine, without holding it back from modern technology. Whenever you are sharing personal or important documents online it is essential to know that your files are safe. With online fax services, you can have that peace of mind because your data is protected by heavy encryption.

Archive your files

There’s nothing more frustrating than needing to refer to or reuse a document, only to find it has been deleted or there is no way to access it. Online faxing gives you storage to archive your faxes, making it simple to search for an old document. The extra storage also enables you to send large files that you may not be able to send over e-mail.

All of these features and more are standard when you start faxing online with eFax. eFax makes it easier than ever to send and receive faxes, and have done so successfully by providing the widest range of phone numbers,  a simple method and a secure network. You can give it a go with their 30 day free trial and discover how online fax can work for you.

eFax Team - eFax Team

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