How to Fax From Your Computer With Ease

How to Send a Fax From Your Computer

It is easy for anyone to learn how to fax from their computer. Using online fax services, you can quickly send and receive faxes from any place with internet access. As internet access has become ubiquitous around the globe, this means you can easily manage your faxes from anywhere.

How to Fax Via Email

You can send an email fax from nearly any device that has internet access. You can simply attach the files you want to fax and send it to [recipient_phone_number] For example, if your recipient's fax number was +61 (0)2 7010 1111, you would send the email to This can be done from your laptop, desktop, smartphone, or web enabled phone. If you can send emails from the device, you can fax from it as well. Additionally, any faxes received to your account will be delivered via email as attachments. This means you can receive your faxes from any of these devices as well. Simply provide your fax number to your contacts and your faxes will be automatically delivered to your email account for viewing on any of your internet connected devices.

How to Fax from Your Browser

Many fax services, like Gmail, are accessed from your browser. While you could use one of these services to send and receive your faxes from your browser, you can also login to your account through the eFax® website. Once there, you can send your fax by uploading your documents and entering the fax number of the recipient. Simply click send and your fax will be delivered. Additionally, your faxes will be received by this account and stored online for future viewing. Your account comes with lifetime storage and the ability to organize and forward any of your faxes. This is a great way to move your fax storage to the cloud.

Try eFax® Free for 30 days

You can experience just how easy it is to fax from your computer by taking advantage of a free 30-day trial. Simply sign up now and you're ready to start faxing. You'll have access to all the features offered with no risk, cancel any time. Our many satisfied customers suggest you're going to love the ease of faxing from your computer and choose to keep the service.


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