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Internet Fax Services

Internet fax is becoming more and more prevalent

Internet Fax Services

It can be staggering how much internet usage is increasing every year. The internet in Australia is less than 25 years old, and the majority of users didn’t even have broadband capabilities five years ago. Recently, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) issued usage figures that give a clear picture of the state of our online technology now, with hints of where it is headed.

The report summed up the findings by stating: “Australians are becoming increasingly dependent on the internet for a wide range of activities including information, communication, and banking and financial transactions. For many, these activities have become essential to daily life and have proven increasingly attractive to Australians looking for flexibility, convenience, choice and cost and time savings.”

Internet Usage in Australia

Here are some surprising results ACMA found:

Australians downloaded 421,147 terabytes of data, a 52 percent jump over 2011
Total internet subscriptions rose to 28 million
More than 10 million Australians go online at least once a day
The average user spends 82 hrs./month online

Casual users are leading the way with the adoption of internet technology and business is following to find access to new markets. At the same time, people are becoming more accustomed to doing business on the go.

The Mobile Internet

One of the biggest technological shifts on the business front is the adoption of bring your own device (BYOD) policies in the business world. Companies have begun to accept or actively encourage employees to bring in their own devices, despite the security risks, in order to create a more seamless work environment in or out of the office. As a result, more people are using their phones, tablets, laptops and more to stay connected and to search for new prospects. Here are the latest facts on the mobile internet.

  • 30 million mobile services in Australia means there are more mobile devices than people in the country
  • These phones and tablets are wired with 22.05 million mobile internet subscribers
  • At the same time, there has been a marked decrease in fixed-line telephone services
  • In fact, 3 million Aussies have abandoned their land-lines and use mobile only
  • Across the board, 4 million people make calls or send faxes using Voice over IP (VoIP) services on a home computer or laptop
  • Of those who have mobile internet service, 616,000 using mobile VoIP, a jump of 133 percent over last year

It’s clear that people want to be connected while they are on the move. This has led to traditional services (i.e. banking, stocks, insurance, etc.) to move more services to the internet and cloud based technologies. More than 60 percent of the nation’s consumers do at least some of their banking and bill-paying online. Similarly, occupations like travel agents have been almost entirely replaced by giving the public access to travel information online.

Not surprisingly, 44 percent of companies agreed that they would have more business if they used the internet more effectively, but many do not know where to start. One of the simplest, most effective ways to take advantage of the latest online technology is to switch from a traditional fax machine to an internet fax service like eFax.

5 Benefits of an Internet Fax Service

There are several important benefits for moving traditional services like faxing to the internet though the deployment of sophisticated software. Here are the top 5 reasons companies have chosen to move their operations to the internet:

  1. Time Savings – Instead of long lines of customers with limited access to customer service personnel during set business hours, the internet has opened up a new world of efficiency. Most tasks can be completed online without any interaction with an employee and some applications can be accessed around the clock. No more transportation time and costs, no more traffic, no more parking or waiting your turn. Internet based services are ready when you are. In terms of internet faxing, there is no need to wait for one fax to finish sending or receiving. Many faxes can be sent simultaneously to different business partners without tying up a land-line. Internet faxing saves a great deal of time on the administration end as well. Instead of filing away paper copies and then searching for them later, an electronic copy can be stored in a folder as it arrives and be found immediately by a keyword search. At eFax®, we provide free lifetime storage of all your faxes with your account.
  2. Scalability – The additional benefit of moving to an internet fax is that it grows with the company. The problem with waiting for a fax to clear before sending or receiving another becomes more of a problem as your volume of monthly faxes increases. Simply adding more fax machines and dedicated fax lines drives up the monthly expenses and doesn’t solve the root issue. Sending and receiving multiple faxes simultaneously is more than a time saver for a small company, the limited capacity of a traditional, land-line fax can become a serious impediment to sustainable growth. Traditional faxes are also restricted to the area codes of established offices for a company, while internet based fax service can provide local fax numbers in many cities and even different countries, nearly anywhere businesses are looking to expand.
  3. Continuous Improvements – Another limitation to growth for smaller companies is the cost of upgrading equipment as technology improves. When you purchase hardware like a traditional fax machine, it can quickly become outdated unless you pay for an expensive extended warranty program with the hardware provider. These costs can be outsourced to an internet fax service that continuously tweaks and improves its internet based software. No additional hardware is required other than your own computers and laptops.
  4. Storage Space – Office space is at a premium, yet many companies must devote a significant portion of their office to storage. This is related to the scalability problem in that as you become more successful, there is less and less room to do business. As documents and contracts become longer and more complex, it could end up costing thousands of dollars every year for the volume of paper and expensive storage facilities. On the other hand, an internet fax service provides all the leverage you need for sending files up to 1 GB in size, much larger than most email programs can handle. Storing these faxes in electronic form opens up a great deal of work space and allows immediate retrieval by searchable keywords.
  5. More Options In More Places – By moving from a traditional, land-line fax to an internet fax from eFax®, you open up many more options for implementing a powerful fax service. The faxes can be previewed and adjusted before sending to make mass faxing cost-effective. The faxes themselves are sent as email attachments so there is no need to leave your desk and go to a fixed location. This is particularly useful for mobile and remote workers, who now have the ability to fax from their own mobile device instead of the home office or their personal fax machine. Imagine going to a conference or sales meeting and contacting an important potential business partner. Now you can fax the documents they need right to the decision-maker while you have their attention. This is a tremendous competitive advantage.

Advantage Internet

Internet-based faxing through eFax® will provide your business with a more secure, encrypted faxing option to protect sensitive data often contained in faxes like personal identification and credit card details. You can count on live support from real agents around the clock and every day of the week. You never know where your business will come from next and you need to be prepared to handle the unexpected in any time zone. The ability to choose local numbers in different cities will make a huge difference for your prospective customers and business partners in distant cities. The cost savings you provide them could easily be the deciding factor in closing the deal. Best of all, you will be able to send faxes from up to five separate email accounts so you can share this capability with a team.

When you choose to send your critical communications through eFax®, you have chosen the #1 Internet fax service provider in the world. We currently serve more than 11 million subscribers in 46 countries. There is no reason to speculate about whether online fax service is right for your company. Try it now for 30 days absolutely free and start measuring the savings in time, convenience, and improvements to your bottom line.

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