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Five Clear Advantages of Using eFax Services


Five Clear Advantages of Using eFax Services

My, how times have changed. It wasn’t so long ago that every office had a trusty fax machine sitting in the corner. Now there’s a new kid on the block – meet eFax!

eFax is a perfect blend of traditional fax convenience and state-of-the-art digital communication with a truly global reach.

The world’s largest internet fax service with over 11 million users worldwide, eFax is connecting companies based in 3,500 cities and 46 countries across the globe.

It’s no longer a question of manually loading documents into your machine, keying in a number and pressing a button.

Now the list of virtual features is mind-boggling. Pull a document from the cloud and fax straight from your smartphone or tablet. Whack in a digitised signature. Send large files and high-resolution images to email without blocking up your or someone else’s inbox. Protect your valuable documents with high-security encryption.

So let’s see how eFax can revolutionise your business.

How to send large files without inbox meltdown


It’s one of the major limitations of email. That hefty presentation with its high-resolution images has not only jammed up your inbox, but also missed its deadline.

eFax makes it easy to share and send large files to multiple addresses. Just log into your account, enter up to 20 email addresses at one time, upload your files and send. With a limit of 1GB, you’ll find it covers the majority of your high-volume needs.

It’s private and it’s safe

eFaxes are SSI-encrypted and stored in your own secure, web-based inbox using 128-bit encryption. Put simply, this means your faxes always remain available and protected.

With no hardware or software involved, there’s no chance of losing fax pages or leaving the most important page sitting unattended on the fax machine for anyone to find.

Retrieve and send your faxes from the cloud

Fax files from your Dropbox, Skydrive, Google Drive or cloud service. Retrieve files from storage and attach up to 10 documents with any one fax. Create a cover letter if you like. It’s up to you!

Enjoy unlimited online storage

All your faxes, both sent and received, will be stored in your data system forever. This unique unlimited storage system makes organising and retrieving past faxes – inbound and outbound – a breeze.

Elect to receive faxes online and you also eliminate the mountain of paper that usually sits beside a traditional fax machine.

Turn your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile into a fax machine

Send faxes from your computer without opening your web browser with eFax Messenger software. Or try the eFax Mobile App, which turns your phone into a virtual fax machine, allowing you to send and receive faxes instantly.

Not bad for starters, is it? eFax has an enormous inventory of fax numbers – choose from local or toll free and free phone. Carry it with you wherever you roam, and keep your fax number for as long as you wish.

Complete flexibility is the hallmark of eFax, so why not find out more?

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