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Send Faxes From Your Computer

use your computer as a fax machine

Send Faxes From Your Computer

Efficiency is the most important metric when it comes to running a successful business. You must constantly search for ways to capture more revenue without increasing your costs. Technological solutions are available for the most common barriers to efficiency if business owners only knew where to look. On the other hand, many people are so focused on fixing daily problems and “putting out fires” that they don’t look into long term solutions. Some business owners avoid changes because they simply cannot imagine how life would be different with new technology. The most common question business owners ask seems to be, “Are the savings worth the cost of change?”

A great example of the tendency among business owners to resist change is in the world of fax technology. Some owners believe that not much has changed with fax technology since plain paper replaced chemically sensitive rolls in the 1990’s. In fact, the past few years have seen tremendous advances in efficiency thanks to cloud-based online faxing services. Companies are always struggling to comply with regulations, reduce their environmental impact and still save money. Now eFax can show you how using your computer as a fax accomplishes all three goals while it increases your revenue through improved mobility.

  1. Reduce paper for regulatory compliance/security
    Faxes often contain identifying information and sensitive competitive data. To keep that information secure and protect your liability requires two processes: a) restricted access to faxes and b) destruction of faxes that are no longer needed for business reasons. Now instead of piling paper faxes in boxes that can easily be lost or misfiled and then wasting the energy and man-hours in shredding those faxes, you can maintain all your faxes handled by eFax in a secure database off-site. For the lifetime of your eFax account you have access to all of your sent and received faxes in a searchable database. You can meet regulatory requirements by a simple delete button or find faxes even you have forgotten the client’s name.
  2. Reduce waste for lower carbon footprint
    The promise of the paperless office never really materialized because people still love the feel and portability of paper. However, you can make great strides to reducing both paper waste from unwanted faxes and chemical waste from used toner cartridges by sending and receiving faxes online. Take a look at them at your leisure and only print out the ones you want. Computers also draw down significantly less power into your grid than a traditional fax machine.
  3. Reduce expenses in supplies and maintenance
    How much are you spending per month in paper for the fax, a dedicated fax line, insurance on the fax machine, and maintenance costs? Now add on the amortization of a capital expense in your liabilities and you will see how even a few dollars here and there make a huge impact on your annual budget. Fax more for lower costs and you can even free up capital to expand into new markets. As soon as you sign up for eFax, you gain access to local fax numbers all around Australia and cities in 49 countries as well. You can create a virtual presence anywhere you want to do business and start expanding your customer base today.
  4. Increase revenue through greater mobility
    Picture yourself sending a fax from an app on your smartphone. You could fax critical documents from anywhere, even at a restaurant or on a sales call. A web-based fax is the equivalent of an “elevator pitch.” You never know where your next revenue source may come from so be ready at any moment to gain a fan or a customer. Don’t put off someone who may be ready to buy because you have to go back to the office to send them a fax with all the details. Successful businesses increase sales by shortening the sales cycle and providing prospects with all the information they need at once.

Sign up for eFax® and immediately you can start:

  • Saving time by sending and receiving multiple faxes right from your desk or on the road
  • Saving the environment by using less paper and printer cartridges
  • Lowering your expenses by eliminating your monthly charges for a dedicated fax line
  • Opening up new markets with local numbers around Australia and abroad
  • Keeping better track of your faxes with lifetime online storage and a searchable database of your faxes with your eFax® account
  • Getting back to work without dealing with busy signals, paper jams or confirmation slips

Improve the efficiency of your computer systems and take advantage of cloud-based software. At home, in the office or on the road, your fax is ready when you are with eFax. What will you do with all the extra time and money you’ll be saving?

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