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How a Computer Fax Helps Improve Collaboration between Mobile Workers

Computer Fax makes workers mobile

How a Computer Fax Helps Improve Collaboration between Mobile Workers

Businesses are requiring more people to work together across greater distances, often across time zones. Online collaboration, video conferencing over IP and cloud-based software are making distance irrelevant. Global competition is a two-edged sword. Your prospect pool can now include up to seven billion potential consumers, though your new markets come with competition from companies with vastly different cost structures. Businesses need to stay current by implementing improved collaboration software to face this new environment.

Online collaboration – Software like Sharepoint and Zoho are instrumental for managing access to shared databases and arranging schedules for a video conference. Like the best project management tools, these keep everyone on track with deadlines and dependencies. They also handle group email, budget reports, and invoicing so a team can really act as an independent unit of the company.

Video conferencing over IP – Google Hangouts and Melbourne-based Arkadin have done a great deal to lower travel budgets. It is still true that nothing beats shaking hands for establishing a connection. However, when you cannot go there in person, videoconferencing is the next best thing. Meeting face to face over the internet allows prospects to feel a warmer connection than a traditional sales call. There are thousands of non-verbal clues that you can pick up on in a video conference. Understanding the client, both their needs and their fears, is essential to building a lasting business relationship.

Cloud-based software – Many companies have only recently learned how to fax from their computers and mobile devices. With a service like eFax, your fax no longer is tied to a dedicated land line. This opens up a world of possibilities in terms of lowering your expenses and faxing from outside the office. Thanks to cloud-based fax software and the prevalence of wireless Internet connections, you can send very large files, presentations, order forms, RFQs and contracts from the road. If a customer needs more information or an image-rich catalog, you can fax it immediately right from the meeting.

How much more could your team accomplish just by using a computer as a fax? There is no need to waste the team’s man-hours waiting for faxes to go through or arrive. Multiple faxes can be sent out at once. Because faxes will arrive in your email, you can set up alerts to let you know the moment an important document arrives. You can also set up rules to route those faxes to the appropriate department for further action.

Sign up for eFax and immediately you can start:

  • Saving time by sending and receiving multiple faxes right from your desk or on the road
  • Saving the environment by using less paper and printer cartridges
  • Lowering your expenses by eliminating your monthly charges for a dedicated fax line
  • Opening up new markets with local numbers around Australia and abroad
  • Keeping better track of your faxes with lifetime online storage and a searchable database of your faxes with your eFax® account
  • Getting back to work without dealing with busy signals, paper jams or confirmation slips

Improve the efficiency of your computer systems and take advantage of cloud-based software. At home, in the office or on the road, your fax is ready when you are with eFax. What will you do with all the extra time and money you’ll be saving?

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