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Do You Want to Fax with Free Email Services Like Gmail and Yahoo?

Do You Want to Fax with Free Email Services Like Gmail and Yahoo?

Aside from voice communication, two of the most widely used communication tools in business today are fax messaging and email. For a majority of entrepreneurs just starting out or running businesses that do not require a dedicated email server, using a free email service like Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo just makes good business sense.

Certain free email services offer an array of additional benefits that promote strong mobile usage from subscribers. Of these benefits the most prominent are the immediacy they offer to those needing to be mobile, the simplicity of being able to get started right away without having to download anything, and the ability to personalize your interface and operation of your free email account.

In addition, most free email accounts allow you to store old email messages for a period of time. They also have the added benefit of being web-based which means there are no updates to download and install. This element alone can save a business person hours of having to update every computer that is in use every time a new update is released. Add to that the fact that the web-based email services run a layer of virus protection that scans your incoming messages before you ever read them, and you are pretty well covered.

The big question, “Is it possible to use internet fax with free email services like these?”
You see, sending and receiving an online fax with a free email service is as simple as managing an attached file within an incoming or outgoing email just like you would normally do. These inbound and outbound attachments can be one of many different file types that include, but are not limited to, PDF or Adobe Acrobat Reader file, TIFF multi-page images, EFX or eFax® Messenger software file.

The difference with eFax® is that instead of addressing the message to a recipient’s email address, you just address the email to the desired recipient’s fax number and add, “” to the end of the number.

Once the fax has been sent, you will receive a traditional confirmation only in the form of an email. You may also send faxes online by logging into your account.

Because these email accounts are accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, this means you and your mobile staff can now fax from any place and right from your favorite mobile device.

For more information on sending online faxes, please feel free to sign up eFax today.

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