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Eco Friendly Fax Solutions & Benefits

Benefits of becoming an Environmentally Friendly Business

Eco Friendly Fax Solutions & Benefits

There was once a point in time where people looked at “going green” as more of a necessary chore than an easy way of helping the environment. Luckily, modern technology has changed this, and business owners are seeing the benefits of becoming an environmentally friendly business more and more every day. Though most business owners understand one or two of the benefits of going green, it’s likely that they’ll actually make the change when they understand all of the advantages.

Energy Savings

Energy costs are one of the biggest drains on money that a company will experience. What many business owners don’t realize is the fact that they can save around $30 on light bulbs for each 32-watt compact fluorescent bulb they use to replace a typical 100-watt incandescent bulb. Additionally, ensuring that a building is properly insulated and sealed will stop the transfer of heat between the inside and outside of the structure. Properly insulating an office can reduce a company’s overall monthly energy bills by up to 10 percent; this environmentally friendly business method will save huge amounts of money over the long run.

Reduction in Paper Use

One of the greatest benefits of being an environmentally friendly business is the reduction in paper waste. This benefit is important enough that it could actually fall into the realm of saving the environment, saving money, and cutting down on office clutter. Many companies choose to send out their bills electronically to cut back on paper use. There are even services out there, such as eFax®, that allow companies to send and receive faxes by email.

Saving the Planet

No one has the illusion that one company can save the world by becoming an environmentally friendly business, but in reality, it has to start somewhere. People have known for years that humans are having a detrimental effect on the environment. Scientists even say that in May 2013, carbon dioxide levels hit a mark unseen on earth in about five-million years. Using simple methods such as paper reduction and minimizing energy use can go a long way in reducing a company’s carbon footprint. Honestly, if individuals aren’t ready to make the move to become an environmentally friendly business, what example are they setting for the rest of the world?

There’s no doubt that becoming an environmentally friendly business will have huge benefits in the end. From the up-front savings seen by a reduction in paper use to the additional clientele that will likely frequent an “eco-friendly” business, there aren’t many disadvantages to making the few simple changes necessary to go green. Whether a business owner is looking to make the change to save the environment or to save their wallet, the important thing is that they simply make the change.

There are many ways you can go about running an environmentally friendly business. If you’re ready to cut down on paper usage, eFax® will show you just how much money our Internet fax service can save you while still staying green.

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