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Does Your Business Really Know the Benefits of Internet Faxing?

Does Your Business Really Know the Benefits of Internet Faxing?

We all remember the last time we loaded a stack of paper into one of those old fashion fax machines, dialed a number, and hit send. For some, it might have just been earlier today.

Well, with innovation come benefits and with the benefits that internet faxing is offering up, it is time we wiped outdated methods from our daily routine. The variety of ways that internet fax benefits our business can stretch not only into money saving opportunities, but some pretty big time savers as well.

How does internet faxing saving your business money?

Right away your business will save in equipment costs, because with internet faxing there is no fax machine to buy! For that same reason, you can immediately drop the need to purchase very expensive ink supplies on an ongoing basis. Then, because internet faxes are transmitted electronically, you will reduce the amount of paper your office uses by a dramatic amount.

By utilizing your existing high-speed internet connection, you can eliminate any dedicated phone line charges from your monthly billing.

Plus, think about the logistics of internet faxing. There are no more paper jams, no more service calls, and you can eliminate business down time!

How can internet faxing make your business more time efficient?

For starters, one of the first ways internet faxes can help to make your firm more efficient is that since electronic faxes are sent and received in a digital format, this means they can be set up to be automatically organized and saved. This means no more lost or misplaced faxes.

With a high-speed internet connection powering your system, your new high-speed faxing system offers a whole new set of rules.

Sending a real fax, without a fax machine, means all you need now to transmit is a tablet, smartphone, or laptop computer when you are on the go. Simply snap a picture of the documents you wish to send and fax them as easy as you send a text or email.

Think about the applications. You can now close deals faster by coupling technology like digitized signatures with internet faxing. Sending a large contract via fax is actually easier than sending a large attachment because most email providers limit the size of file you can send. (Although, if you must send a large file, eFax® allows you to send files up to a full 1GB as part of the service.)

Finally, how many times have you or your sales reps needed to go to the office to retrieve paperwork? This time waster can be eliminated when you use internet faxing and cloud storage capabilities to keep everything with you at all times. Simply access and add to your library through your smartphone or tablet.

For more information on sending online faxes, sign up for eFax® today.

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