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Online Fax Helps You To Be Eco-Friendly, More Secure, More Mobile

Online Fax Helps You To Be Eco Friendly

Online Fax Helps You To Be Eco-Friendly, More Secure, More Mobile

Online faxing is the way to conserve resources, not only to become more eco-friendly but also to save you money, worry, and time. There are many document types that just do better as faxes. Contracts require signatures and that used to mean that there must be a hard copy. Now our digitised signatures handle everything online. Contracts also are frequently shared by a team that needs to make notes on the paper and or look at separate pages side by side. The same can be said of certain reports and marketing materials that potential clients use to choose vendors. Although fax capabilities are necessary for business, the costs associated with a dedicated fax machine can become a drain in terms of resources and time as an organization grows.

What companies need to succeed is a way to reduce costs, save time and make the entire transaction process simpler for their customers and suppliers. The answer is an online fax service.

Here are 3 ways that an online fax will help you conserve your most precious resources:

Eco-friendly. Save printer paper and toner cartridges by not printing. Just as with email, an online fax can be previewed and altered before it is sent. A single template letter can be personalized many different ways and sent out to many prospects or a group of business partners. Instead of wasting money on printing out many different faxes, make all your changes online and store them online just as easily.

Increase security. Papers get lost or misfiled. There is no getting around this simple fact. A central fax machine is not a secure area and sensitive data can be lost or picked up by the wrong person. If one of your customer service or sales representatives is not able to find a piece of information when they need it, it could be very costly for your company in terms of liability or lost opportunities. Faxes arrive in a secure and password protected email so you can be sure you get it. We provide lifetime online storage of your sent and received faxes.

Fax from multiple locations. A fax machine is in one location and tied to a landline. Online fax frees employees to take initiative and bring their work on the road. Mobile fax apps mean a smartphone or tablet can be a mobile office. A prospect that needs a document or sales contract can have it faxed to them immediately, while they are engaged and right from the palm of your hand. In fact, up to five different email accounts can use the same fax service so a team can be responsible for faxing or you can use different emails for different business partners.

These are some of the top reasons businesses decide to go with online fax. However, you are welcome to try it for free and find your own best reasons.

Reserve a fax number for your business online today and send your first email fax with eFax. eFax gives you the opportunity to try all the features of sending and receiving faxes over the internet first hand.

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