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Internet Fax Solutions for Business


Internet Fax Solutions for Business

If you’ve done the research, you already know that internet faxing saves you money, improves your office efficiencies, and promotes scalability better than a traditional, land-line fax machine. The next logical step is finding the internet fax service that gives you the most options with the highest quality service.

Here are 4 advanced features to look for in order to find the best internet fax company for your business:

  1. Mobile fax app – Business has gone mobile. Efficient sales professionals and executive staff have learned to take their office on the road, using apps on their laptops, tablets and smartphones. The same should be true of your fax capabilities. A fax app for your mobile device puts your office quite literally in the palm of your hand. An internet fax will turn your mobile device into the ultimate automated office administrator. Fax immediately from the road, from a conference or even on a sales call. Send and receive simultaneously from anywhere and get access immediately to past faxes through a searchable online database.
  2. Lifetime storage – Never worry about a misfiled or lost fax. Every single fax sent through our service will be stored on our secure servers so you can access them anytime and anywhere that you need them. Because they are searchable by keywords, you don’t even have to remember the client’s name, just salient features of the fax. Our servers are encrypted to protect your sensitive data like identifying information and account numbers.
  3. Full range of document types – One reason people often give for delaying implementation of an online fax service is that they worry not all their document types will be supported. The developers at eFax® have responded by making sure organizations can send out the documents they work with across a broad spectrum of file types. As new technologies and software become popular, eFax® developers will stay current with the technology.
  4. Send via email – You don’t need any special equipment, any new hardware, and barely any training to get the full benefit out of eFax®. If you can send an email, you can send a fax. Faxes are sent as attachments so you can write personal messages and modify each fax before it goes. This is especially useful in sending mass faxes that are individually crafted to get a personal response. Extra-large file sizes, up to 1 GB, are no problem. That’s a great deal larger than the attachments most email servers can handle.

When you choose to send your critical communications through eFax®, you have chosen the #1 Internet fax service provider in the world. We currently serve more than 11 million subscribers in 46 countries. There is no reason to speculate about whether online fax service is right for your company. Try it now for 30 days absolutely free and start measuring the savings in time, convenience, and improvements to your bottom line.

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