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A Free Fax Online Trial Offers Significant Savings of Time and Money

A Free Fax Online Trial Offers Significant Savings of Time and Money

One of the most important features of the internet is its ability to maximize resources. Opportunities have opened up for people all around the world for people who previously couldn’t afford them. From private music lessons to transcription, the wide range of activities available with just a few clicks of your keyboard is simply astounding. Being able to send or receive a free fax online, for instance, has made completing certain business deals much faster and more affordable.

Discover How to Send or Receive a Free Fax Online

Finding the right online business services can make or break you. Using the internet to send and receive faxes can save a tremendous amount of money. Consider all of the monthly expenses you’ll no longer have to budget for:

  • Equipment rental
  • Dedicated fax line
  • Premium fax ink and printer paper

Consider the costs of faxing online and how much money you’ll be able to spend on other aspects of your business. To take advantage of these benefits, you’ll have to locate a quality service and determine which types of files you can fax back and forth.

Types of Files Sent and Received Over Online Fax Services

Traditionally, when you send a free fax online you must have a document that is already saved in a text, rich text format, Word document or portable document format. In other words, they will have one of the following extensions:

  • .txt
  • .rtf
  • .doc
  • .docx
  • .pdf

Competent services will make it quick and easy for you to figure out which formats you are able to send and receive. You will also have a method for determining whether or not your fax was sent successfully.

How to Use Your Email to Get a Free Fax Online

The best online faxing services make use of your email for notifications confirming that your documents were sent successfully, or that you have received an online fax of your own. These services rely on the convenience of email, but are bound to the same online privacy laws as other businesses. This means you can give them your contact information without fear of being flooded with spam.

Why Choose a Free Fax Online Versus Traditional In-office Equipment

The above-mentioned savings are all some people need to turn away from office-based faxing. Leasing expensive office equipment and keeping a dedicated fax line can sap your budget whether you’re regularly sending and receiving faxes or not. Believe it or not, saving money isn’t your main benefit when switching to an internet-based setup.

When sending and receiving a fax online, you can complete all the necessary steps from the comfort of your computer terminal. There’s no need to print your paperwork, stand in line at the fax machine or fiddle with a rarely-used piece of equipment to try to send your documents without any hiccups.

You wind up saving an incredible amount of time using a convenient online faxing service like eFax®. Take advantage of our free 30-Day trial offer and send and receive your free fax online without delay.

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