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Virtual Fax vs. Traditional Fax Machine: 5 Reasons Why Virtual Trumps Real in Faxing

the benefits of a virtual fax service

Virtual Fax vs. Traditional Fax Machine: 5 Reasons Why Virtual Trumps Real in Faxing

We live in exciting times. John Paitaridis, managing director of Australia’s second biggest telco Optus, recently spoke on the subject of traditional vs. online business in Sydney. He said, “What we are witnessing is an industry transformation.” “As a company, we wanted to understand where organisations are investing money and what are driving these key investments,” he explained. What Paitaridis discovered was that across the nation there has been a surge of investment in virtual communications, specifically for software and infrastructure related to online, mobile and social interactions. Optus projects that investments in online communication channels will grow exponentially over the next three to five years while investments in mobile will be at least double what it is today.

Traditional business tools like faxing are gaining new life and popularity through more powerful and efficient virtual services. Here are the most significant ways that a virtual fax service can help your business versus a traditional fax machine:

  1. Simplicity – No additional hardware or software is needed to start faxing using email. When you sign up for eFax you are immediately assigned a number in the area code of your choice and can start sending and receiving faxes right from your workstation. There is no need for training because it is as easy as sending an email.
  2. Mobility – Paitaridis also reported that over half of Australians now own a smartphone. The new mobile workforce is increasingly using their smartphones as their mobile office. That is why eFax developed a mobile app that allows workers to fax from anywhere, right from the palm of their hand.
  3. Speed – Paper faxes have to be filed and eventually shredded. This has been a problem in terms of wasted office space, misfilings, and legal liability in terms of security. Keeping past faxes in a searchable online database with eFax eliminates all those concerns. Faxes sent by eFax® are stored for the lifetime of the account and can be accessed anywhere there is an Internet connection or a cellular data package.
  4. Flexibility – A traditional fax machine is limited to receiving one fax at a time over a dedicated fax line. In contrast, with the eFax® virtual fax software you can send and receive multiple faxes simultaneously without leaving your workstation. Even files that are too big to be sent over most email servers can be handled easily by our cloud-based fax platform.
  5. Low cost – Eliminate the cost of a dedicated fax line and the maintenance on the traditional fax machine. You will also be able to lower the cost of supplies like paper and toner cartridges. Never worry about upgrading fax equipment as technology changes. Best of all, save all the manpower, expense and opportunity costs associated with waiting for a fax to go out or arrive.

Try Internet Fax for Free on eFax®

Discover for yourself how much time and money an Internet fax service can generate for your business through eFax’s. Our online fax service frees up precious resources, allowing you to run your own virtual office from anywhere. Reserve a fax number from our database of more than 4900 area codes. Select fax numbers from different regions and cities across Australia or around the world. Get immediate activation today without any financial risk and cancel anytime if you are not completely amazed at our service. Experience the full power of our virtual fax software that lets you send and receive multiple faxes simultaneously, right from your desk. For even greater freedom, try faxing from the palm of your hand using our new smartphone app! Connect up to five email addresses and allow your team to coordinate your faxing projects. Prepare to work more efficiently, conserve valuable resources, and reach new markets with our go-anywhere virtual fax software from eFax®.

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