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Send Your Fax Online to Avoid Common Fax Machine Challenges


Send Your Fax Online to Avoid Common Fax Machine Challenges

Think of all the problems you’ve had with traditional fax machines over the years. Paper jams, ink and toner spills, breaking machines, and all the other headaches. These are just a few of the reasons that online faxing has become so popular. Beyond being hassle free, sending an online fax is just plain easy.

Have you ever found lines of people waiting for the fax machine at your office? What about piles of received faxes that get jumbled together? When you’re not dealing with one of these problems, it’s probably because the fax machine is broken. How much time is wasted just waiting for a repair service to come out and fix your fax machine? All these problems can be solved by choosing to send your fax online.

No More Paper Jams with Online Faxing

Since online faxing is paperless, there are no more paper jams to be cleared. For some reason the machines that are designed to make paper jams easier to clear seem to get jammed more frequently. Those that jam less frequently make up for it by being more frustrating to clear. No matter which machine you choose, you’re going to waste time and stress out over paper jams. Unless you switch to internet faxing and get rid of your traditional fax machine all together you will still be trying to determine how to free up that jammed paper. When you change to sending your faxes online you can say goodbye to paper jams.

Online Fax Machines Don’t Break

Did you know that online fax machines don’t break? Unlike a traditional fax machine with gears, moving parts, and surge prone circuits, internet based fax services don’t break. Sure, you could lose your internet connection at your home or office. But you can always take your laptop down to a coffee shop and do your faxing from there. That’s the beauty of online faxing. Any internet connected device is now your portal to fax services. Simply send your fax online with any computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Faxing is Easier on the Internet

In addition to all the frustration-free faxing, you’ll find that using an internet fax is quite easy. You can use your existing email account to send and receive faxes. However, you can also use your browser, web enabled phone, or our desktop fax software. No matter how you prefer to manage your faxes online, you’ll find eFax® is here to help make it easy and convenient.

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