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Free Online Fax Services For Australian Businesses

While fax machines have a rich history, today’s businesses need tools that are flexible, affordable and compatible with a digital world. That’s why millions of people worldwide are ditching their fax machine and switching to online fax services.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to online faxing and what it can do for your business.

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What is an Online Fax Service?

Online fax services are communication tools that allow businesses to send, receive and store faxes via the internet. Like a traditional fax machine, online fax services transmit documents between fax users.

Online fax services operate through computers, tablets and smartphones, meaning businesses do not need to invest in a physical fax machine to start faxing. Instead, online faxing is facilitated by providers like eFax, who help businesses fax through software.

Online Faxing – the Future of Australian Business

While faxing may seem like an outdated piece of technology in today’s business landscape, organisations worldwide still rely on fax services – including online fax, fax servers and traditional fax machines.

According to a 2017 study of 200 large companies, 82% of participants stated that fax use in their company had either increased or remained the same from the previous year. In the same study, researchers found that 90% of businesses have already integrated, or plan to integrate electronic fax with other business technologies – including email, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.

Going forward, that means digital solutions like online fax will only become more prevalent in many industries.

Are Online Fax Services Secure?

As faxes sent through fax machines can be intercepted by anyone, online fax services are more cyber secure than traditional faxing.

Online fax services protect faxes with SSL-encryption, preventing the fax from being stolen by a third party as it transmits. Online faxes are also directed into the recipient’s inbox, preventing them from accidentally falling into the wrong hands.

In the study of large businesses mentioned above, researchers found that document security is considered a top benefit of online faxing. As per the report, 42% of participants agreed that, ‘fax is a trusted method of secure information exchange’. When asked about why they used fax, 24% of participants listed “secure document transmission” among their top three reasons.

Introducing eFax

eFax is a global leader in online faxing. eFax first introduced their online faxing solution in 1997, and have since helped businesses worldwide embrace online faxing. Today, eFax serves over 11 million customers globally – partnering with businesses in 4 continents, 46 countries and 3,500 cities across the globe.

With eFax, businesses can fax in four ways:

  1. Through their web browser

  2. Through the eFax desktop app, available on Windows and Apple computers

  3. Through the eFax mobile app, available on Android and iOS phones

  4. Through their email

These flexible faxing options allow you to send and receive up to 10 faxes at a time, using any device that can connect to the internet.

Why eFax?

If you are looking for an online fax service provider you can trust, there are many reasons to choose eFax.

eFax transmits over 1 billion faxes every month, making them one of the world’s most popular fax providers. eFax is currently used by many small, medium and large businesses – including 50% of the world’s Fortune 500 companies.

According to Feefo, eFax has a 98% customer satisfaction rating. Their team of dedicated customer support agents can resolve 95% of service calls in less than two minutes.

eFax is also popular in industries where confidential documents need to be transmitted securely. While every business can benefit from a partnership with eFax, eFax is currently trusted by Australian organisations in the following industries:

Pharmacy Healthcare
Real estate and property eFax’s MS Word compatible app
Fax preview Agriculture, forestry and fishing
Mining Manufacturing
Electricity, gas and water Construction
Wholesale Retail
Hospitality Transport and Storage
Communications Education

An eFax Free Trial: Your Free Online Fax Service Australia

As many businesses want to test an online fax system before they become a customer, eFax offers Australian businesses a free trial.

With an eFax free trial, you can test how eFax’s online faxing system works in your business. This means you can:

  • Transmit up to 400 free faxes

  • Fax through a new or existing fax number

  • Get connected with eFax’s dedicated customer support team

  • Access all features and mobile apps

As eFax values forging lasting relationships with Australian businesses, your free trial can be cancelled anytime, with no obligation or hidden fees.

→ Send And Receive Faxes Online, Anytime, Anywhere. Start Your 30 Day eFax Trial Now

eFax Features

As part of your eFax free trial, you have full access to eFax’s game-changing features. This includes:

Digital Document Signing

As businesses often fax documents requiring signatures, eFax allows you to sign documents digitally. There are two ways to sign documents through the eFax Mobile App:

  1. Store a photo of your signature and drag-and-drop.

  2. Trace your signature onto the screen with your finger.

Document Converter

eFax’s in-built PDF Converter takes the hassle out of faxing, helping you convert a fax file into a PDF in seconds. It’s also multi-function, letting you turn files into TIFF and JPEG files quickly.

A Real Fax Number

While online faxes are sent through the internet, businesses who use online fax still need a fax number. With an eFax free trial, your business can choose a fax number from over 4,700 cities worldwide.

Cloud Storage

Faxes sent with eFax are stored and protected with cloud-based storage. This keeps your documents in a secure, third-party location and prevents them from getting lost. eFax also offers all customers lifetime storage – meaning you can keep your faxes safe forever.

Large File Transfer

As many businesses fax documents that are too large for an email signature, eFax’s online faxing system can handle any file up to 3GB. That includes videos, presentations and high-resolution images.

Voicemail to Email

As eFax is built for businesses on the move, eFax’s Voicemail to Email feature allows you to convert your voicemails into readable files.

Tag and Search

With Tag and Search, navigating eFax’s storage system is easy. When storing files, eFax allows you to tag important documents and search your entire fax file.

NBN-ready technology

eFax is passionate about helping Australian businesses keep a secure and reliable fax connection, which is why eFax is an NBN-ready provider. eFax allows businesses to use their existing NBN number from day one, helping you transition to the NBN without interrupting your faxes.

How to Start a Free eFax Trial

Starting a free trial with eFax is so easy it takes less than five minutes. To start using your free online fax service, follow these steps, or call 1800 283 361.

Step 1. Head to the eFax website and click ‘Sign Up Now

Step 2. Choose your fax number

Step 3. Setup your account

Step 4. Start faxing!

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