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How to fax president Kim Jong Un in North Korea?

Despite all the international doom and gloom we see daily in the Digital News Media, a funny story emerged recently that brought smiles to the faces of our eFax team.

The world has been watching anxiously if conflict will break out between North Korea and the USA with her allies like Australia. Earlier this year, North Korea test-fired many Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM) including 2 that flew over Japanese airspace for the first time. Photos of Kim Jong Un watching missile launches have been widely circulated around the world. There has been international speculation whether these ICBMs can reach Australia and the USA.

Australian ABC Online News reported that traditional fax is the official communication channel between Kim Jong Un’s leadership team in North Korea and the Australian government. [1]

Obviously this was not headline news, as it appeared on the same day as the Australian High Court ruling on Dual Citizenship for several unfortunate Federal politicians.

But this funny story also caught the attention of the Australian Channel 10 News-satire TV Show “Have You Been Paying Attention” where they frequently mock the unpredictable antics of the North Korean leader.

How do other world leaders communicate with each other?

We are all familiar with the current American President’s love of Social Media. Instead of using the official Presidential account @POTUS, the Republican President prefers to use his own personal Twitter account @realDonaldTrump to communicate with the world. He regularly fires off emotional tweets late at night and Kim Jong Un has been offended by these provocative 140 character messages. This “Social Media Diplomacy” has been widely criticised by the international News Media.

Another funny story appeared recently: On the last day of employment, a departing and disgruntled Twitter employee deactivated the @realDonaldTrump account on a Thursday evening. The Twittersphere had a field day using this hashtag #11minutesofsilence [2]


How does Australia communicate?

The Australian Prime Minister telephones the world leaders of other nations that we have cordial relationships with, such as New Zealand and the USA. Our ambassadors and diplomats in overseas embassies are able to meet face-to-face with government
officials of friendly nations when required.

But what happens when there are no embassies and a hostile relationship exists between nations like Australia and North Korea?

Telephones and emails are not an option.

Snail mail is possible, but too slow.

Australia relies on fax to communicate with North Korea.

A Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) spokesperson confirmed that Australia communicates with North Korea “every month or two” by fax and less often by snail mail.

Recently in November 2017, North Korea fired yet another ICBM and it has been reported that they now have the capability to “threaten everywhere in the world”. [3]

Earlier in September 2017, after the world witnessed Kim Jong Un firing missiles and conducting nuclear tests, Australia “registered its anger” by faxing North Korea directly! [1]

What will happen next?

The Australian government watches their fax machine nervously!

So you thought faxing was dead?

Fax is alive and utilised by the highest level government departments in Australia!

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  1. Fax is more secure than email
  2. Online Faxes are protected by 128-BIT SSL Encryption
  3. Archived Faxes in Cloud-Storage are protected forever using the highest AES Encryption
  4. Inbound Faxes can be directed to a secure web-based inbox instead of a traditional fax machine
  5. NBN-ready fax solutions that can save you money, time and trouble

The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) received a total of 27,195 complaints about the NBN during the financial year ending 30 June 2017. This represents a whopping 159% increase in complaints compared to the previous financial year. In 2016-17, the TIO received 3,274 complaints about the NBN from Australian Small Businesses. [4]

Australian Digital News channels are full of NBN complaint stories. Some recent reports highlight the myriad of problems Australian Small Businesses are facing with the NBN including confusion and misinformation [5] and long periods of disconnection while waiting for installation [6]. What is not widely reported is the fact that many traditional fax machines are not compatible with the NBN causing business owners additional headaches while they seek telecommunications and IT solutions.

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[2] Washington Post Online News report: Rogue Twitter employee deactivated USA President’s personal account

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