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Discover how to send a fax with eFax Corporate… – Move to an Enterprise Cloud Faxing Solution

This is the network where my company’s fax infrastructure lives. It does a LOT…you know, like consume too much money, too much time, and …way too much staff productivity.

You wouldn’t think faxing could eat up so much of IT’s time… but you’d be surprised.

… dealing with fax repair requests
… purchasing toner and other supplies
… and training new employees on how the stuff works

And if you think you all you do is buy your fax hardware and that’s it, you may be surprised at how much of your IT budget goes to faxing…

You’ve got your…
… Fax hardware and racks
… Gateway software
… Air units
… Uninterruptable power supplies
… Local fax numbers, toll-free numbers, T1 lines
… IT maintenance, repair, reporting, backups
… and electricity — which can cost more than the server itself!

That’s why we’re moving our entire fax infrastructure to the cloud — with eFax Corporate®.

We’re reclaiming IT time and focus, reducing staff’s faxing headaches, and saving a ton of money…. Moving from this… to THIS.

With eFax Corporate®, your staff can send and receive secure electronic faxes by email, through a web interface, from your networked Multi-Function Devices and from any Internet-connected device — including laptops, tablets and smart phones.

eFax Corporate can manage all of your enterprise business faxing needs in the cloud — securely, conveniently and for less money than you’re currently spending on your fax infrastructure.

Visit today to discover more about the productivity, security — and real savings — that comes with moving your faxing to eFax® Corporate.

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