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HIPAA Compliant Secure Faxing for Healthcare Providers | eFax Corporate

If you work in the healthcare industry, this office will seem pretty familiar. All day long, paper faxes are coming in and out of the office containing sensitive patient information. Seems pretty standard, right? But look a little closer… you’ll see how much time and money is wasted, as well as potential security risks.

Here’s your traditional community fax machine, a potential source of HIPAA violations, since faxes often sit here in plain sight, until they’re delivered to the intended recipient.

And productivity is lost all day long, as staff members are continually waiting to use the fax machine.

There’s Susan, trying to send a multiple page fax with sensitive patient information–but she’s stuck getting a busy signal. And she’ll have to wait even longer for a fax confirmation to print.

When you consider all of this, plus the expense of telco lines, fax cards, fax supplies, and IT headaches, it’s easy to see how costs can escalate quickly. And if you use a fax server, there’s a whole set of different challenges, including a large part of your IT budget going to ongoing server maintenance.

Fortunately, this office found a simple solution–they moved their fax processes to the cloud with eFax Corporate. Now, the staff sends and receives secure electronic faxes by email, directly from their desktop, networked Multi-Function devices, as well as smart phones, tablets, and laptops.

They’ve also increased the security of their transmissions when sending sensitive patient information by using one or more of eFax Corporate’s HIPAA-compliant faxing solutions with TLS encryption. This keeps patients’ electronic Protected Health Information secure throughout the entire process, and enables us to sign a HIPAA business associate agreement.

And the best part, there was no hardware to buy and it integrates seamlessly into their existing processes, while keeping existing fax numbers – so the staff can send securely using email or from their Electronic Records System.

Visit today. We make transmitting protected health information effortless so you can focus on what you do best, patient care.

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