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Secure Online Faxing for Financial Companies | eFax Corporate®

As an IT pro working in the finance industry, you probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about…faxing. But you probably DO wonder what you can do to make more of an impact on your business. Perhaps improve your processes, offer your company a competitive advantage, work more closely with business leadership– or simply claim more hours of your day.

With eFax Corporate®, it’s easier than you think. We offer all the benefits you’d expect with the cloud, such as reducing or eliminating the need to fax with analog or digital phone lines; easy integration into existing workflow applications, a pay as you go model, and no capital expenses. But eFax Corporate® offers more than just reliable, cost-effective, cloud fax solutions—we make life easier for IT pros just like you.

When you move your current fax environment to eFax Corporate, you outsource ALL of your IT team’s fax related headaches — troubleshooting fax machines, rebooting crashing fax servers, and managing an aging fax infrastructure.

‘If you work in one of the following industries, your clients expect instantaneous financial transactions. eFax Corporate helps you move your fax transmissions from the analog model of outdated machines and expensive fax servers, to a cost-effective and efficient online fax service. This enables your staff to send and receive secure faxes, by email, from any Internet-connected device.
Plus, if you do use fax servers and traditional fax machines, your business may be at risk of non-compliance with SOX, GLBA, PCI-DSS, FFIEC and FINRA, as well as other data privacy regulations. Since faxes with confidential information often sit in plain sight until they’re delivered to the rightful owner.
Fortunately, eFax Corporate’s secure fax service employs the highest standards in securing and encrypting your data both in transit and in storage with TLS Encryption—keeping your fax processes on the right side of federal regulations.
And what about cost and efficiency? Well, your traditional community fax machine offers an endless cycle of replacing paper, toner and ink, complicated by frequent paper jams. Plus the expense of telco lines, fax cards, ongoing fax software and server maintenance– it’s an expensive proposition.

But with eFax Corporate, you eliminate all of those costs, plus get the convenience of streamlining your interoffice document workflow, process credit applications and loans quicker, fax directly from your desktop, copier or Multifunction Printer, and also take advantage of our Fax API for integration into your existing applications.

In as little as 24 hours, you can be set up to deliver a secure, reliable, cost-effective cloud fax solution to your business—with all the possibilities of cloud at your fingertips.

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